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for Lost family

8/10/2018 c2 Guest

So cool lolol I love it
4/20/2017 c2 isis424
7/13/2014 c2 9Dream Bound Nightmare
the potential of this story is fantastic! But you need serious work
6/27/2014 c2 KuroKitsune
Please update this fic is awesome so far! But why wasn't Teito freaking out as much as should have when he found out Harry was his brother?
9/22/2013 c2 ajd00153
This is neat so far you should really continue this. Though what does sate to and akan mean?
5/26/2013 c2 4vrriacho
I love it!
5/21/2013 c2 Ennke
...? Harry just went from being British to Japanese in like what? Five seconds? That is just hilarious. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
3/10/2013 c2 1Sofie Eolas Holmes
PLEASE UPDATE! This story is to good to just be forgotten! BTW it really looks promising, I love it already ;)
2/13/2013 c2 22Lady of the Shards
Have you forgotten about this story? Or are you still working on it?
1/5/2013 c2 lightstar
hi I really like your story about harry and tetio being twin brother's okay I was thinking what if ayanami somehow still can use mikage's body just like in the episodes of the 07 ghost and more bad things happen to tetio as harry be's overprotected of his brother and helps him all the way on a journey to get tetio's memories while ayanami is still after tetio since he does whole many secrets in his body oh and harry gets a great hidden power or maybe just thought it could be great but also I like tetio having a dangerously power that can cause chaos, if is yaoi too I like tetioxmikhail being together and harry hmm? well I don't know who can be with him but I hope this preson can stay by him and loves him too

well I hope this is okay I just like it so much like in the comic book I read anyway I'll see you later so update anytime :)
7/3/2012 c1 28Good Omens
So I realize this is your first story but, you need a beta. And more flesh to the bones that are your story. You're rushing through the story, and that kind of makes it annoying to read. You should definitely proof-read at least this chapter. -Hasn't read the next chapter and isn't going to read this again until you've fixed it-
Have fun, good luck, I hope you do something about this soon!
- Good Omens.
2/1/2012 c2 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
8/29/2011 c1 latdh1
just started watching 07ghost and then found this crossover and i liked it hope you write more chapters
5/9/2011 c2 autumnannette19
Whats next, whats next?
4/19/2011 c2 bookfan86
So I really like this so far even if it is a little rushed, thats ok anywho please update as soon as you can Thanks for such a great story.
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