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for The Unknown Daughter

5/31/2013 c15 The-Smartass-Nerd
i love this book
2/27/2013 c15 Scarlet Princess 666
Is there no way you van write more? This was amazing?!
2/27/2013 c11 Scarlet Princess 666
Perfect suspense in the story!
2/27/2013 c8 Scarlet Princess 666
Hey girl, the story so far is truly amazing! A few of them make me wanna cry, Prue was my favorite sister, that's why I'm watching it again, just skipping her death though. But like I said, you have quite a talent! Can't wait for a book with ur name on it at the bookstore!
2/26/2013 c3 Scarlet Princess 666
Absolutely love it! Especially how you make Posten resemble Prue in many ways! You have a lot of talent, no need to be nervous!
1/28/2010 c15 lizardmomma
very nice ending...I will look for any more stories taht you have written. This was a very nice story that you should be proud of.
1/27/2010 c15 5CharmedSuperGirl
Great chapter...but so gutted its finished :(
1/25/2010 c14 lizardmomma
very nice job, that is a handy power that Posten has.
1/24/2010 c14 CharmedSuperGirl
Please post up another chatper :D that one was great :D
1/19/2010 c13 lizardmomma
Poor Posten, demons fighting over getting her powers. Not something that will be written about in a journal...great job.
12/29/2009 c12 lizardmomma
very nice work
12/19/2009 c11 TheTansFriend02
Great Story
12/16/2009 c11 lizardmomma
very good job
12/14/2009 c10 lizardmomma
good job
11/24/2009 c9 lizardmomma
Very nice work
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