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for Second Love? Love Declares!

10/18/2009 c4 4soccergirl56
LOL! when temari yelled at them to shut up, i laughed so hard! LOL! and when they said 'yes sir' i fell out of my chair! XD! also, kirashima is gonna ask rima out! OMG! nagi needs to confess to her b4 he does! UPDATE SOON!
10/15/2009 c1 RimaxNagihiko
Shugo Chara Party is doing fine I think & guess what... episode 3 is coming out in 2 friggen days! YAY! *crazy fan-girl/retard moment*
10/10/2009 c3 1OhSnapDragon
Yes! Now Yaya is in on Nagi's secret! We have an ally! While Rima . . . . is in love with two people . . .

God maybe Shugo Chara should have Rima be Amu and Nagihiko Ikuto and Kirishima can be Tadase etc etc etc. Don't you think that would be better?

Anyway can't wait for the next update!
10/10/2009 c3 Juleskat101
Poor Rima! She kind of sounds like Amu now... x) Teehee and the episode was awsum! ^_^ Hikaru looked so cute! And Nagi DID strip! :) LMAO Update soon! ;)
10/10/2009 c3 3HappyJunjou
OMG! Kirishima you *beep* *beep* *beep*!
10/10/2009 c3 4soccergirl56
i liked this chapter! a jealous nagi makes for a good fanfic! XD! i haven't watched the new ep yet, but im about to. XD!
10/10/2009 c3 5Rikanchuu
Uhh... So I was wrong... Rima still LIKES Nagi! xDD

So, count me in on "Nagi don't help him!" xDD I sounded rude to Kirishima, but it doesn't really mean I hate him... He's a nice guy and all... So...

As for the second episode, yes you're right, it's still the same... -.- I really wish to extend it longer! Dx Lol everybody stared at Yaya! xD Yay was like, "Stop staring at Yaya as if she has two heads!" xD I think she's hiding her sadness that they're leaving once they graduate... But it's alright... We all know she can cope it up! :D

You just said Nagi stripped? xDD Really... He ish so cool when he's only wearing his white uniform without jacket, ties and cape.. xDD OMGEH! XD -fangirl squealz-

I didn't saw Rima smile... I only watched Yaya, Tadase and Amu cheering on him... Or maybe a bit, cuz Yaya is blocking the view! (she was waving her arm) Dang! O.o Was it just my imagination? O.o

Anyways, can't wait for more! :D What a long ranting I made to make your day... xD

10/9/2009 c3 8MyForbiddenDestiny
aww thats sort of cute! yaya knows!

kirishima...*says menacingly*

rima...*says menacingl while shaking head* really rima, just freaking tell amu!


10/8/2009 c2 1moonmistcutie
Nagi dont help him!

Good job on the story. Keep updating!

10/8/2009 c2 5Rikanchuu
Hi! Thanks for the fave in my story! :D

I can't believe it! Rima has a feelings for Kirishima instead of Nagi? O.o I don't hate Kirishima... He seems to have a low self-esteem when he at first wanted to confess to Rima... I can't believe somebody might hate him because he's the first one we all know who has a feelings for Rima! But the good thing is Rima turned him down..

I don't hate SCP.. They just showed an intro just to let us know... But to be honest I was a bit irritated when the actual episode was so short... TT-TT Loved Rima's reaction! xDD

As for Tsukasa, idk... He seems to be really a mysterious man... O.o But weird at the same time xDD

Hope to update soon! :D

10/6/2009 c2 Juleskat101
Aw! Nagi is so nice! He's helping another guy ask out the girl he has a crush on! :3 LMAO

And Tsukasa isn't evil, just unpredictable! :p
10/6/2009 c2 3HappyJunjou
NO! Nagi! Don't help him!

No, I don't think Tsukasa's evil, maybe just
10/6/2009 c2 1OhSnapDragon
God dammit Nagihiko just kill Kirishima already! Makes sense doesn't it? Yeah you're right, that would be too juveneille to kill him. . . . . . Can we drown him?

Ikuto: You . . . . you have problems

Destiny: ^^ I just hate him, Nagihiko should be with Rima instead of that idiot. ^^

Ikuto: -and she is smiling evilly while typing this . . .

Update soon?
10/6/2009 c1 donladey
This story is really good so far =] cant wait for more
10/6/2009 c2 4soccergirl56
HA KIRASHIMA! NAGIS ONE STEP AHEAD OF U! *cough* sry, i went alittle crazy there.

i always thought that tsukasa was a stupid idiot who looks too much like tadase for his own good. when i first saw him i was like 'o crap, future tadase!' so yea, i dont think hes evil, its just that he foretold all of this and probably couldnt pass up being there. XD! (by the way, when i say he looks like tadase, that is not a compliment.)
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