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6/8 c16 1Lover of Emotions
that is good. update soon please.
6/5 c16 18Shayz
So you need to get back on this story horse pronto! There's so much to ride into...not least of all B's real dad...Mac or possibly JACK (as in O'Neill?!) Maybe Buff's intuition takes them through Calorado Spring...Even to the local restaurant O'Malleys. Giles finds himself chatting with a young man named Daniel about translations of old obscure "mystical" texts. Calleigh chats with Sam about copstuff while buffy and Jack bone over her ability to eat massive amounts of food (like two steaks). I'm of course thinking maybe the episode with the armbands from the Tokra Anise takes place at this time.

So much work for you To do...get WRITING! :)
9/16/2020 c16 597Ghostwriter
Oooh I like this. Keep it up. A little odd to see Willow and Xander being so nasty (but then, I only saw S1-3 in their entirety so maybe there was some key changes to the personalities later on) but still an enjoyable fic.
9/1/2020 c1 AVanhnoof
I want Buffy to get her memory back and for her and Angel to be reunited and be made human with the vampire strength, speed, hearing, agility, hearing, etc.
6/21/2020 c16 1serenityselena
interesting twists...
what a different way of meeting Tara...
eagerly awaiting to
6/18/2020 c16 1jacksperluvr
I love it and can’t wait for more
6/14/2020 c16 twistedtnredhead
I am so grateful to see you continuing this story and The Queen of Slayers. I don't think I have ever reviewed before, and I am sorry for that. You are one of my favorite authors out there. So thanks!

Kinda disappointed that we won't see much of the Diagnosis Murder crew, or that Oz didn't somehow make his way with Buffy. I was unsure if you were setting them up for a pairing or not. I like him, but she is still young and has a lot of healing to do. Hope your Muse wakes up soon. Glad you are still around.
6/14/2020 c16 locardxchange
I am so happy you are picking up some of your older stories. Your stuff has always been some of my favorites and I too are not big fans of Xander’s.
6/14/2020 c16 howes77
Yay, another chapter, thank you, thank you, thank you. can't wait for more
6/14/2020 c16 manticore-gurl071134
Great update! Hope they can help Tara (or let her come with them) :)
2/14/2020 c15 Mari Wollsch
super story, why did you stop writing it? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1/15/2020 c15 3shizukesa-sama
This is great! I hope you come back to it someday.
8/3/2019 c15 1jacksperluvr
I love this story. I hope you write more.
6/13/2018 c15 Kurama
Wat happens next tho
6/20/2016 c1 manticore-gurl071134
Just re-reading this. Will it be continued?
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