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for The Warmth Of A Cold Heart

1/17/2014 c1 2CanYouFeelTheLoveTonight
I'm still going to read on but whyyyyy oh whyyy have you said sirius bought grimmauld place? Didn't you read the books? He hates grimmauld place it's where he lived with his pure blood mental family and has awful memories?!
And whyyy is the lead female American?
The books are so inherently British it distracts me from the story :( wish the character was British...
Little niggles I know but just how I feel :/
10/22/2010 c32 1nessa1998

really good

update soon
9/1/2010 c32 12mythology1746
This is one of my fave fanfics. seriusly, ive read it like three times-which is a lot considering i dont usually reread fanfics. can you please update sometime soon, im dying to know.
8/11/2010 c32 3lilylou101
i LOVED this! I'm so glad Sirius forgave Rebecca! When will they get together? UPDATE PLEASE!
7/4/2010 c32 10squashedstarkid
Sheer torture stopping there. I started this yesterday, and am addicted. Thank you, very much. Like seriously. I love Sirius, and I want him bad. And you've got him quite good, like you've written him well. It makes me happy. And I like Rebecca. Even if she is a little...I don't know what the word is. When I first read what she had done I freaked but then realised, just like you said, it doesn't bounce. At least I seriously think that's true. I don't know. I wouldn't think it would. Anyways, I'm glad Sirius saved Rebecca's life. And now I seriously want some Rebecca/Sirius action, I'm getting anxious. But I do know that I have to wait. Must wait. Am trying to wait patiently. Not really working. :P I'll wait though. :D Update soon okay? Pretty please? For me? So I don't spaz and drive everyone crazy. :D Tee hee. Loving it!
6/26/2010 c32 1chemistrygoddess
Cheesy but I love it all the same. I just love Rebecca's character and I have a feeling that their relationship will have many obstacles to overcome.
6/26/2010 c32 4Jade Lammourgy
Oh wow! How much I love your story! It's not that cheesy! it's cute 3

Update soon!
6/26/2010 c32 CaraGrace

they should just fuck and get it over with

the tension is like...a bomb

no healthy to human society
6/26/2010 c32 32TTCyclone
D'aww. :D
6/15/2010 c31 Priyu0624
I love this story! Update soon please!
6/15/2010 c31 2Faith910
Oooo cliffhanger! Ha ha I can't wait for the next chapter! You are such a good writer! Update soon!
6/14/2010 c31 1chemistrygoddess
Hm, only a little awkward, oh well it was kind of bound to be. So now I wonder if Rebecca will tell Sirius about her health problems too and how he'll react... hmm... looking forward to it!
6/14/2010 c31 4Jade Lammourgy
It's not such a bad chapter, you just rushed too quickly trough the werewolf scene ^^ the rest of the chap was good! Update soon! And succes with school!
6/14/2010 c31 32TTCyclone
Another great chapter! And did school really start for you already? Dang that sucks.
6/14/2010 c31 MissKateBlack
Duhh. Another cliff-hanger...

I didn't think this chapter was bad at all - I actually liked it a lot. Can't wait for the next chapter and btw, thanks for updating these last few chapters so quickly - I really appreciate it! :)
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