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for Trisha's Morph Club 1:Initiation

3/4/2016 c12 Theinkreader
Ok, where's the sexual? You didn't say
1/16/2016 c1 Guest
Wow this is old, I like it though
5/23/2015 c2 William
I love this story and am reading it a third or fourth time but I am practically going insane because I can't find the second book thing
3/8/2015 c11 Shadow4Eva
anceint mew wariorrs?
3/8/2015 c4 Shadow4Eva
and then I bust in the door and say "your going to let her go!" "NO!" he replys and I say "I'll be the judge of that" with my eyes all yellow and aura surronding me
3/8/2015 c1 Shadow4Eva
HA!, what an idiot
7/28/2014 c12 8Talkingbirdguy
Cool ending, if a bit cliche and rushed. On to book two!
7/28/2014 c9 Talkingbirdguy
Okay, that Trouble guy annoys me so much! So arrogant and snide, ugh.
Awesome chapter.
7/28/2014 c6 Talkingbirdguy
Um, bit overkill on blowing out the wall, but hey, she saved them :)
Nice story, following.
4/6/2014 c12 wannabepokemorph
One word: omgiloveitthisisawesomeyouaretotallygreatatthis
4/1/2014 c1 fiona
this is really cool
2/14/2014 c12 gigikoch7
Can you please make a second story or continue this one?
I would be very grateful.
anyways thx for writing/uploading the Story I had a good time reading it bye
11/12/2012 c2 pokemorph leader
it is pokemon mating season right now and i am hating every second. i liked this girl normaly then i started to want to have sex with her. now it happens with every girl i meet and the other hybrids hate it to
11/5/2012 c2 pokemorph leader
if you wana know certain stuff on what being a hyrbrid is like or if you wana ask my pokemon a question do not hesitate to ask
11/4/2012 c2 pokemorph leader
it may not seem like pokemon or pokemorphs are real but i was born a shiny mew hybrid and yes pokemon are real. i like other hybrids haven't told anyone but the 11 others online. one of them is my dopelganger and hes an umbreon [used to be eevee but now an umbreon morph] and one azumaril morph from my school [she evolved to] is really awsome to. i have my own crafted pokeballs [with pokemon] and all you need is a special stone. also who knows about lugias song? there is actually this song i sing in choir called murasame and its mews summoner song and dang its hard to hold myself back. my base of operations is underground in a mountain and it has a tv,computer,trampoline,training room,pokeball dispenser,and food machines. anyway if you say that your a hybrid, you aren't cause i wouldve found you with my hyphone [a device that allows me and the other hybrids to: transform to morph or human/track other hybrids/have internet/teleport/ have video chatting or texting/ and transform into your uniform] and its all on a wristwatch. the reason we haven't been found yet is because of the phsycic barrier i put up. chew on that Isaac [the lead government official whos after me because i can become any pokemon and he wants my dna to transform the military into morphs but he doesnt know they'll die in like 4 years] anyway im planning that after I kill isaac which i wont hezitate to do is give pokeballs and tell all the pokemon to stop hiding so you better prepare to become a trainer.
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