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for They've Finally Bonded

12/3/2009 c17 3MochaMonaLisa
duh! it's "i wanna suck his cock" lmfaoo!
12/3/2009 c17 habbylala

it was a bit confusing but totally hilarious!

Ivanna Suckhi Scock? aka i wanna suck his cock!

roflmao! hahas!

update soon!
12/3/2009 c17 5Rikanchuu
LOL, so confused at first... But I understaood it little by little... First was Nagi's POV and the you he's referring was Rima.. xD and the second part is Ikuto's POV? Am I right? xP

Oops, did I spoiled much? sorry.. xD

About the pun u posted... I kinda don't get who's dat person.. :)) But I wished I knew.. :(( :)) xDD

More update soon~

12/3/2009 c17 57Amulet Misty
wow Rima's parents are divorced 0_0 and what the heck is a hickey? xD oh and that Amuto moment was quite sweet...

Tadase: Did you just type that?

Me: No.

Tadase: But it's right THERE!

ME: What's right there?

Tadase: ~shakes head~

Awesome chappie as always sis!
12/2/2009 c16 9xAngelicNightmare
Lawl, that was funny! Not your wirting, it was good. They're so OOC! I like it, more fluff! I love it!
11/30/2009 c16 3MochaMonaLisa
11/29/2009 c16 57Amulet Misty
omg haha Nagi is a perv!
11/29/2009 c16 1OhSnapDragon
Jesus Christ! Rima and Nagihiko are both so perverted! XD

It's kinda funny.

Update soon!
11/29/2009 c16 4soccergirl56
LOL! POOR NAGI! rimas evil isnt she? LOL! and y would her mom send lingerie in the mail? that was kinna creepy. i felt so sorry for nagi at the end. once again, POOR NAGI! UPDATE SOON!

i figured out how to put vids on vids. thanks for your help! XD! also, im interested in finding out what toradora is. could you give me a summary on it? and what does RAW video mean? does it mean a vid without subtitles, cuz id love that.
11/29/2009 c16 5Rikanchuu
W00t! xD

O_O since when did u influenced Ikuto? xD Oh god, it made me think Nagi's SO going to be Ikuto the SECOND already~ xD

I can't believe Rima acted like, oh... O_o idk... A hypnotized perv? xD (LOL peace Rima~)

LOL loved teh experssion, "HOLY SASHIMI THIS IS LINGERIE!" xDD


P.S. Rimahiko Meets Real World is up now! go check out if you have time~ xD
11/20/2009 c15 1OhSnapDragon
AW they kissed -^^-

Twas so pretty and sweet and Nagi is such a freaking pervert XD

Can't wait for the next update!
11/20/2009 c15 3neko-lover1
oh great chap and i have a good couple song the Saltwater Room by Owl City
11/20/2009 c1 4soccergirl56
hey! can u tell me how you can make a youtube vid out of vids of shugo chara. do u download or upload or what? sorry, but i really wanna know because then i can make a vid! XD! PM me if u care to tell me step by step how to do it. expecially in the editing part. (im giving u an option to help me or not, u dont really have to if u dont want to...)
11/20/2009 c15 soccergirl56
LOL!~ thats cute! nagi and rima share their first kiss. XD!
11/20/2009 c15 9xAngelicNightmare
ARIGATOU TRANNIE! I feel so special. No one in my family remembered, but then again it's only 5 in the morning. That was awesome for fluff! I like having Nagiu a little OOC. It makes it much better. Lawl, the waitress. Rima is so evil, but the lady had it coming! Loved the Rimahiko in SC! Party! epi. 7! Aritgatou again Trannie! That made me feel so special. 3 ya too. Keep up the awesoem work, but don't forget to get back to poor Amu. UPDATE SOON TRANNIE!
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