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4/30/2012 c1 wandamarie
wow it was good
10/31/2010 c1 29CeCe Away
OOOOh, that last line gave me chills. I like how you went into Jane's perspective and shows her thoughts. You can almost see a little tip of madness in her view. Great writing.
4/8/2010 c1 13jewelsbyers
Not being a Volturi fan myself I was reluctant to read this story but, finally, I decided that, seeing as you wrote 'Fire' so well I might as well see how you capture other characters. Boy oh boy am I glad I read this! I love how you imagine the relationship between Jane and Aro and how she separates business from pleasure in her mind. Very well written!
11/29/2009 c1 this-heart
This story, though short, is really very pretty and well-written. I like your way of writing Jaro, and their way of separating business and pleasure. ^^ Really nice work!
10/25/2009 c1 2orangejuicerox123
I think you really captured her personality, Jane. I think she was an interesting character in the book, and I was dissapointed that Stephenie Meyer did not linger on her.

Look at me, sounding all serious! Ha! But still...

I always pictured Aro as an old man, because they never really described what he looked like, exactly, just his skin, and therefore it always creeped me out just thinking that him and little Jane were "together." *shivers*

Anyhue... Great!

10/15/2009 c1 10jendazzle
10/15/2009 c1 79KrisEleven
That was one of the most originally thought-out Twilight fics I have ever read. You captured Jane and the way she relates to the world and relates to Aro in a really interesting way. I enjoyed the writing of it, and I really enjoyed your take on her character. I think it could have used a little refinement, as I was lost in a couple of places, but overall it was an excellent piece of work. Good job!

10/10/2009 c1 2Skatious
wow! its pretty good! i like the way you wrote it, and of course since i'm a crazy Aro/Jane fan...i totaly love it! :D

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