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for The Black Bunny

1/10 c23 Lexi0521a
Just to acknowledge your opening authors note. For those fools who choose to judge without reading, show their own ignorance. I have read this story several times, and loved it each time! Yes, it does start out very dark. Yet, as the story continues it adds in some rather hilarious points. There have been times I could not stop laughing and couldn’t read anymore … for a short time. I just had to read on.
1/6 c33 jgood27
Love this story and can't wait to read more, please update
12/12/2022 c33 1sexyxox849
love it .. when's the next chapter lol
11/18/2022 c9 IdolaCandrie
Basilisk onto your chamber of secrets? Really?
I can't stop laughing
9/26/2022 c2 Guest
Good story
9/19/2022 c33 1Balos
Thank you for your continued slogging this out. I enjoy every second of it.

I think you are especially good at growing your characters slowly, yet obviously. You are a talented writer.
8/3/2022 c33 SunPho3n1x
Great story! I have been very much enjoying it! thank you for writing this.
7/16/2022 c30 12Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
I'm curious...

When a male is giving birth, he does not have any form of internal birth-canal (I assume the womb is a magical design, but as the genitalia do not change, it must be unconnected to the womb), which means the place that contracts during a birth does not exist...

So HOW can he feel a need to push, when there is no muscles that would contract for said action? Oo

I admit the female anatomy is not something I am an expert on, but it still seems strange.
7/14/2022 c22 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
I saw your comment on the fic being on pdf, and I wondered... do you have a kindle version out?

You can always say it's for charity to save bunnies and dark lords. XD

(Not many dark lords tho, so I guess the bunnies will get most of it. Or maybe there's bunny dark lords. Everyone knows bunnies are evil! Just as Raj (Big Bang Theory) and Anya! (Buffy) _)

Or for free I guess. Lol

Anyway... I LOVE this fic!
6/5/2022 c18 Venus914
Remus is old and whiney.
6/4/2022 c10 Venus914
I read this story before and i enjoyed it. This time around, im staying because of the fudge...Harry and Draco's business.
6/1/2022 c12 Guest
It might as well be Harry who has that Animagus form!
5/13/2022 c2 Hadesworld
Hey if it works, it works! Funny and sappy is great! I love the twins idea! I mean the twins Harry is expecting.
5/5/2022 c33 Erzsbet Hegeds
I hope so, you are ok, and continus this story :)
4/27/2022 c33 Kai
This is my favorite fanfiction I reread it all the time and pray one day it'll be updated again ️️️
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