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for Chuck versus LuthorCorp

5/26/2014 c7 OCMichael
I am HOPING that you will be publishing a few new chapters sometime soon...
5/25/2014 c5 OCMichael
Quite a story, so far.
Just FYI - Sarah would hardly be unique in having taken sentient life; Arkkis Chummuck of the Planet Toomey, Sector 3014, received HIS Ring after combat to-the-Death with his predecessor. He then proceeded to pay honor to his worthy opponent in the traditional method. He ATE the Body of the Previous Green Lantern.

5/25/2014 c4 OCMichael
4/26/2012 c7 Jason123456
great story hope you having stop working on .as they did for Chuck if you conitnue i'll eat a sub at subway.lol
10/14/2011 c7 10HecatonchiresLM
Wow. That was lots of fun. Unfortunately, it seems abandoned :( Don't let it be so!
12/5/2010 c7 3dreameralways
This is a nifty story and I hope to read more soon. I'm not sure how up to date you are on Chuck, but I think that it would be a lot of fun if he still got the second download (massive martial arts) and met up with his dad.

The one big thing that always upset me about Chuck was how as soon as Chuck could do so he moved away from computer stuff and into the "cooler" stuff like infiltration, martial arts, shooting... With his brain's ability to absorb and retrieve information there is no reason that he shouldn't be amazing with computer things. Before the intersect he had an interest in computers, it had just mostly been suppressed by the apparent betrayal in college. So if someone could get him interested (or push him) into computers again, I don't see why he couldn't rival Chloe eventually. And since his brain does it's own instant facial recognition thing, it would be awesome if he ever met Batman or Green Arrow (in costume) or saw a high quality photo that he could put 2 and 2 together and figure out who they are.

The "upgrades" to Chuck are recommended since after all, with Chuck's feelings of inadequacy in regards to Sarah, he would likely need a bit more reassurance of his worth before he would feel worthy of a Green Lantern Sarah.
11/9/2010 c5 Murg
You really need to change the title of this story, or at LEAST provide something resembling a decent summary. Because as it stands, the title is SEVERELY misleading and the summary sucks for correcting that problem.

This isn't Chuck versus LuthorCorp, this is Everyone BUT Chuck versus LuthorCorp. Five chapters into this story, more than half of seventy-seven thousand words, and Chuck has done absolutely ZIP. Nada. Everyone ELSE in the story, on the other hand, has played a major part... or at least been deeply involved.

I got kind of bored when, in the beginning, instead of Chuck versus LuthorCorp we got LANA versus LuthorCorp instead. But I kept reading to see where it'd go, since I figured you were leading up to the point. And also because the vague hint of Chuck feeling an attraction toward Lana caught my interest, and a Chuck/Lana pairing could have been interesting. But then we get a bunch of pointlessly femslashy moments, and Chuck gets relegated to uselessness in the background.

When I saw mention of the Green Lantern ring, I thought Chuck would be the new Green Lantern and we'd finally see why it had the title it did. So I kept reading, all the while wondering how it would get into his hands. Then, instead, the person who was likely the best person to BE a Green Lantern ended up standing around outside and watching dumbly as everyone else saved the day.

So a simple question... why call it Chuck versus LuthorCorp, when Chuck's only part is to stand around being useless? Aside from giving the people in question a reason to be where they are, he serves no other purpose to this story.

You could replace him with clues, other characters, and any number of other things and still keep most of this the same. Chuck is simply not needed in any way, and for a story called CHUCK VERSUS LUTHORCORP, that really, REALLY doesn't make any sense, at all.

Also, I'm not sure what Wonder Woman you're using, because she is most DEFINITELY willing to kill when she feel's it's necessary. Superman and Batman are the ones who avoid killing, the former so much that doing so would actually shatter his mind, something they stated in the comics. Wonder Woman, on the other hand, snapped a guy's neck, because he had the ability to control Superman and she found that unacceptable.

Altogether, you write well... but misrepresenting your story as something it isn't only leads to people like me getting severely frustrated when they waste their time reading approximately fifty thousand words, only to find the story is not at all what it was implied to be. Because I assure you, had I known Chuck wasn't really a central part of this story, as the title implied and the description did nothing to dissuade, I would most certainly not have bothered reading it.

So I would REALLY suggest changing the title. Justice Ladies of America versus LuthorCorp, perhaps, since you seem quite focused on them, rather than the titular character. Or at least provide a decent summary that makes clear Chuck is neither a central character, nor important to the story in any way.

In any case, best of luck with your story... but I won't be reading further.
10/5/2010 c7 ironic-hat
Hope you finish this story some day, I've enjoyed reading it so far!
9/26/2010 c7 25Eternal Density
the plot thickens! I like how Chuck and Lana figured out together who the girl is. And I imagine it won't be hard for Chuck to figure out who Clark is, if he has the inclination and the opportunity. Nice to see him wondering about the Bruce Wayne connection too.
7/23/2010 c1 The 214th Rabid Fangirl
I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it!


Your Rabid Fangirl
7/10/2010 c6 10spiritedghost
are you ever going to finish this? I mean so far it kicks ass.
6/14/2010 c6 25Eternal Density
Wow, great couple of chapters! (I was one behind)

I like the popcorn plot, and you ended the chapter with a nice shock. Good to see Chuck's special talent in play again.
5/28/2010 c6 4supesfan18
great job mixing the dc universe wit chucks cant wait for more and for sarahs return to meet the new and improved chuck b
5/26/2010 c6 zipfe
great chapter, Im reading a Batman fic at the moment, so I am glad to see him make an entrance.

looking forwrad to more
5/26/2010 c5 zipfe
nice chapter, thanks for the update
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