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for Right Place, Wrong Time

2/13/2017 c4 MinervaMcGee
Excellent story, thanks for sharing your work!
3/19/2016 c1 Guest
Seems incomplete. A good story indeed, but needs some reflection I think.
6/5/2013 c4 hildae
I love this story, good job.
7/4/2011 c4 6jada951
i have read these before and enjoyed them. I really like the kind friendship/fathership relationship between john and hank. Too often hank just gets to say, "My office door is always open." Which is fine, but i like the protectiveness he feels towards john and the relationships throughout the crew.

It's fun to re-read such enjoyable stories!

Thanks again.
6/30/2010 c4 Janne
Very good! I thought this one was really good, and you discribed reactions perfectly! an absolute must read.

- Janne
11/12/2009 c4 33Fenix Uzumaki
I'm sorry if this review makes me seem insensitive, but I found a couple things in this chapter rather funny for no reason whatsoever. For some reason, I got it into my head that they were a bunch of kindergarteners were yelling excitedly to another.

Fenix: ". . ."

Maudlin Mush: ". . ."

People who read reviews before the story: ". . ."

Don't ask.

Wow, what a hallucination.

Anyway, the scene with Jenny, Johnny, and Chris I just found adorable. I could picture it perfectly.

Other than a few grammer mistakes, you've done a wonderful job.

*snorts* kidergarteners *bursts out laughing for no reason whatsoever*
11/6/2009 c4 CopperJoy
Awesome as always Maudlin Mush! Thank You!
11/6/2009 c4 susan
awesome job! I kind of knew johnny's idea would work.

I hope the pd gives him credit for it =')

please keep writing =) =)
11/5/2009 c4 1NickTonyK
Excellent! Throw the book at those crooks! Hope there's more!
11/5/2009 c4 3crokettsgirl
I really enjoyed this chapter. The hospital with how Johnny was so unsure and needing Hank to be that safe person and actually allowing Hank to feed him, you know he needed a father figure. And the day with the kids and Jo was funny I enjoyed that. And joking about the games..lol...Poor Johnny seeing the guys and not being able to stop the anxiety. I'm glad that between Jo and Roy he felt better. Excellent job. Sue
11/5/2009 c4 TrishG
I'm glad you were able to post another chapter. I'm glad those guys were caught.
11/5/2009 c4 69Ginger S
I just love how all the guys, the doctors, Dixie, Joanne, Jenny and Chris look out for Johnny.

You paint such a nice story with words and emotion. I can just see it all happening in my imagination's eyes through your story.

Thanks! Thanks so much for writing this really good story.
11/5/2009 c1 SJ
PLEASE WRITE SOME MORE. LOVE LOVE YOUR STUFF. I know life can get busy and things needs to be done, but I am begging on my hands and knees for some more. I need my fix of your stories.

10/29/2009 c3 CopperJoy
I'm going fishing! For an update...a new story...anything from you. I love your stories! Please come back!
10/20/2009 c3 Autumrose
Great story can't wait for the next chapter keep writting :)
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