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for His Weakness

7/4/2017 c1 Anoymous
Please add more to this fanfic please.
3/14/2015 c1 fictionOVERreality101
it was good i liked it from start to finish
8/1/2011 c1 FozuzGaoa
Beautiful title and beautiful story :) !
6/8/2011 c1 12SlashAddx
This is a good spot to end this actually. Makes everyone just hungry for more, which I’m sure this Alex and Justin hunger for as well. Great work.
9/7/2010 c1 tsangpogorge
characterization is spot on. Alex is sarcastic, manipulative and insensitive just like in the show. The ending is great too because you show why incest is always wrong.
7/5/2010 c1 1sorrowsown
wow. that was intense. I loved it, great story . I'm off to read your other stuff now ^_^

6/25/2010 c1 2aleja1
I'm sad now

but it was a good story
3/21/2010 c1 76sheriff stilinski
I love the ending, even though it's majorly depressing.

But I'm a mess right now so this all works out ;)
3/5/2010 c1 165Not Just a Nerd
I loved this... in fact, i like it more than the companion piece...
12/30/2009 c1 7Aviala Ordali
I like this as a oneshot. That way you don't have to move into AU territory and just leave it mysterious and open-ended. When people go into Alex/Justin territory they tend to forget the whole part about them being siblings. You did a fantastic job of keeping them in character. Well done.
11/23/2009 c1 3Baku babe
That was so sad, yet so beautiful at the same time. But I /did/ love the 'so what kind of kiss /wouldn't/ you give your brother?' and then she just goes up to him and slams her lips against his - oozing UST to the BRIM! That was awesome! And I agree with you wholeheartedly about the movie *giggle*
11/14/2009 c1 2Ethereality88
This was great. Really believable. I love the way you split it up.

10/31/2009 c1 6Felling
That was amazing! Great-job! ~ : D
10/20/2009 c1 17stopthenrewind
This oneshot was amazing. :D Def one of my favorites.

"Keeping the characters in character is always hard, but since this is my first WOWP fic, it's especially difficult." - You could've fooled me, haha. Seriously, you did a great job of keeping them in character. They were very true to the show. For instance, that first part with Alex tricking Justin into giving her the answers to her homework. It was very believable and funny at the same time.

"Where were you?" Her head snapped up, her tear streaked face causing him to wince. "I looked everywhere for you, and you weren't there."

I think this was my favorite part. Alex normally (actually never does) like to admit that she doesn't need anybody's help, but she doesn't seem to realize that she goes to Justin a LOT whenever she's in trouble. That line was kind of heartbreaking for me. She finally admitted it.

"Her eyes studying his. "What?" Her voice was soft, and for some reason he felt like they were the only two people in the room."

Another favorite part. (I do have a lot of favorite parts, don't I?) It was just Jalex foreshadowing for me. :P

I love the part when Alex came home drunk. I didn't like the fact that she was drunk, but the part when she kissed him. HAHA. It definitely started the awkward tension between the two. Even Max noticed it, and he isn't the most perceptive person in the family. And I thought it was awfully sweet how Alex admitted that she really was going to miss Justin when he was away at college. And it was very much like Alex when Justin said the line, "So then what kind of kiss wouldn't you give your brother?" and then Alex just SHOWED him. But the last part, when Justin realized how wrong it was even thought it felt right to him, and he cried. God. That was so heart-wrenching. :(

Can you tell I really liked this oneshot? Hahaha. I agree, I always thought they had chemistry, too, in the show, but the movie really made me ship them hardcore. :P Hope you decide to write more. :)
10/17/2009 c1 4sophia666
Wow. I loved this- you did such a good job showing Justin's angst. especially with that last bit. and that last line really said it all. and I loved-

"So then what kind of kiss wouldn't you give your brother?" His voice was sarcastic because really, he didn't believe her.

Her eyes narrowed into slits before she grabbed his neck and slammed her lips against his.
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