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5/27/2010 c6 5Warhawk Talon
Sorry I never read this earlier! This is really good, and it's nice to see AOM from another point of veiw. Keep going, and maybe there should be another battle with the vampires and then a time skip to about when Blaze meets up with Shadows again.

Merlin: Yeah, I'm trying to follow your example and get Akiko to cross me over into her stories too, but she canceled the only one I had a role in!

DE: You're still complaining about that?
11/24/2009 c6 3White Wing Alchemist
Alright that was nice, very nice. You must be able to read my mind through e-mail, i wanted to make sure the vamps burned black! The only problem is that Blaze must have traveled through time, since the run in with Shadows happened quite a couple months before this happened. Yeah she has owed Holden for a long time...
11/8/2009 c2 6SurfandSnowRider
Hey pyroman 15! dude i tottaly loved your story! i'm not done yet, but if you still need charachters powers, and all that i can provde some...if mabey you just suggest my story to your readers. anyway its just a though. and again, props on the story.
11/5/2009 c5 10GhostNox181
*mild applause* id give a bigger applause but i dont like clapping it makes my hands hurt... vio's a fierce one isnt she? i like it. and i like this was long. it was good. there was a lot of like idk jusdt stuff to it. like some stories theres just a chapter but this had substance. and in the last paragraph...i think you trying to say choked. not chocked. and um yep. thats all i think... i should be updating my story soon... which means...well actually its means absolutely nothing...liked the the the story... shutting up now..
11/4/2009 c5 3White Wing Alchemist
That, was THE best chapter ever! Like I had said before, i didn't stick to Blaze when i wrote it. And she'd be smirking because she knows he'd be okay after, and she kinda has to disappear before he wakes up, I'll put it in my next chapter I will!
10/26/2009 c3 011022122120202
Good story, but Blaze means stuttering.
10/25/2009 c4 White Wing Alchemist
Okay I forgot to mention you had some spelling errors.And Shadows isn't Ari's target, he was trying to bring her back to the Organization. Doesn't matter, she can be his target if you want.
10/25/2009 c4 10GhostNox181
interesting. im a bit confused as to what was going on at the end, because it was like you were in one setting then something else entirely was going on, and it didnt have a new paragraph or a break telling you had switched scenes or characters, so i didn't really get it.. aside from that i really liked it. and also, if you made a note about max ride in your summary, im sure youd get more readers. just a hint. people seem to be drawn to that sort of thing for some odd reason..
10/25/2009 c2 3White Wing Alchemist
Man you know well enough I'm loving your story but I'll review anyway! Keep it up I'm waiting to see the actual chapter 3 online!
10/17/2009 c3 White Wing Alchemist
So you think my story's the best ever huh? I LOVE COMPLEMENTS

White Wing: Yea because she gets none

Shut up I'm having a happy moment! *cries with happiness)
10/15/2009 c3 10GhostNox181
heyy. its not that bad. in fact its not bad at all. i actually like where this is going. um just a recommendation, on the actual chapters, trying spacing out and paragraphing. it'll make the chapters seem longer and easier to read. Blaze seems cool and i like his personality. or what i've seen/ you've described of it so far. he sounds like a character i could realy get into. so a few ideas... 1. well hey im reviewing does this mean i get to be a character? can i be evil? or like good gone bad? i dont have to be im just saying. 2. well the spacing thing. 3. this is under max ride, so im assuming they might play a role, but i could be wrong and if i am, i will continue reading anyway. so if they do, like he could try to kill them, or idk. writers block sucks, dude. i know. been there, done that. sucks bad. um sorry i cant be of more help, but i reviewed, so i at least i can do that. um yeah, i look forward to next chapter. c ya:-)
10/14/2009 c1 Gazillion Pyro Rock

It's not amazing, but it's alright. You did ask me to review, though, and fyi: I WAS NOT BEGGING! I was merely asking... -grumbles-

-Pyro 2
10/14/2009 c1 7purplepheonixowl
Dude, you are such a Paridise Island copycat. I mean really, “ Don't let this be yu” I bet you changed the main characters name for that joke. And the second chapter, it's all fluffy and stuff. What, are you waiting to load the real chapter on your wii? Get with it!

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