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11/15/2011 c1 14Platinum Trickster
I absolutely LOVED this. I think his name is Gerald, though, not Jarell (though I admit I thought that too).
1/18/2010 c1 Ravyn713
my oh my, the warden was a twisted little boy! simply amazing. please write more!
10/14/2009 c1 2Cattivo
Once again, you manage to create a very unique insight into the Warden that I've yet to really see matched by a good lot of the other fics in this section. I LOVE how you ran with the theme of royalty, which avails us the view of the young Warden's confidence and overall inflated perspective of the duties of the justice system. Even better, I LOVE how you allow us to see the Warden habitually and intentionally tune out his father's anger, since that in itself is a good hint to how the Warden became so anti-social and began to fail to relate with others. :3 Even the MINUSCULE details of this fic lead into the larger scale traits and facets of the Warden's future personality, and I just LOVE your style overall. It has a very unique flow and wordchoice, and it just STANDS out to me. (Not to mention that unlike a good lot of the authors in this section, you actually bother with a few nifty little things called detail and grammar.) Keep it up is all I can say! =D

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