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4/2/2012 c1 3Angel's Innocence

I really love this short piece; it's witty, it's thought-provoking, it's modernized... You've pushed the idea of Shakespeare fanfiction in an entirely new direction. Thus said, I have a favor to ask.

Because I enjoyed your work so much, I was wondering if I could use it. Not in a weird way-I'm in a university Shakespeare course that has taken to looking at the Bard through the eyes of current media and socializing, and I wrote a paper proving the validity and value of Shakespeare fanfiction as a basis for further character analysis. I'd like to 'use' your piece by citing some of your dialogue along with the original text from Hamlet in a series of short videos and a potential address to academic-fanfictioners (aca-fans). If you could please let me know, as I do not wish to use the piece without your permision, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time!

11/27/2011 c1 23Poke-it-with-a-Stick
This is just the right combination of sweet and angsty, and I particularly like the snarky Horatio - I get the feeling that he spent a lot of the play annoyed at Hamlet's whiny-ness and never got a chance to say so.
12/15/2010 c1 CliCliR
I have to agree with the comments, this is a perfect combination of cute and the Horatio/Hamlet that I always envision!

just... Brilliant =)
10/6/2010 c1 13libbyQuin
Love it.

That's all I can say, really. :D
12/1/2009 c1 62homeric
Pargoletta already used the word "adorable" to describe this fic, but truth be told it was the first word to pop into my head when I read this fic. Very funny and very cute. Thanks for the giggle.
10/15/2009 c1 23Pargoletta
This was completely adorable! The humor has just the right mix of pointed and gentle, and I love the way Hamlet and Horatio interact. I especially like Horatio's little snark about how being stabbed by a poisoned épée (and I love that you got the accents right on épée!) is a really tough sell to a modern audience - you must have seen the Branagh movie recently, yes?

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