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for The Legend of Zelda: Sacred Reliquary

10/8/2019 c33 2Sunnnyboi
:,( this story was legit, THE BEST I have ever read. it beats some novels out there. please, never stop writing for the world.
10/7/2019 c29 Sunnnyboi
not even any end notes? savage. so, SO cruel... at least the next chapter in just one swipe away for me and the late readers
9/29/2019 c3 Sunnnyboi
this should be rated m for graphic scenes
9/27/2019 c1 Sunnnyboi
midna... shoots... fire? Sorry, I haven't played TP...
7/8/2019 c33 CandidAberrance
I am fairly late to the Zelda bandwagon, however the description of sacred reliquary piqued my interest when I first found the tag. Its been some time since I started reading it and today I regretfully finished the story.

To put it simply I am stunned. I haven’t read anything which properly weaves a fulfilling, real and sometimes, unjust story in a long time. The necessity of the ending hit hard when we encounter an older Link who is still burdened by the events which have occured so long ago. The way Zelda is portrayed pitifully so that, despite her extreme cruelty, the indignity of her death was upsetting. The tragicness of each untimely death, especially Midna’s and Ganondorf which completely shocked me. The subversion of each character was fantastic; the way knowledge humbled Ganondorf (who quickly proved to be my favourite interpretation), drove Zelda to madness and enraged Link.

The world building here is some of the best I’ve seen and you do an amazing job of creating an initially mystifying, desolate city and allow us to become more familiar with it while still retaining it’s terrifying, claustrophobic qualities.

The story arc, in my opinion, really shined once we discovered the truth and I plan on rereading this with my knowledge of what was revealed in the mountain arc.

I feel like I’m rambling on at this point but there’s so much more I want to share about how much i’ve loved every moment of reading this. Sacred Reliquary is a true love letter to the Zelda franchise and will remain my favourite narrative for a while.
5/12/2019 c33 Guest
I don't even have words.
That was really good. Really sad, but really good.
Vaati was my favorite character :D
4/23/2019 c33 solarisacorn
There isn't much to say here. You've created a very good AU- one where nearly every character is multi-faceted and three-dimensional, and where the protagonists shine. Zelda was terrifying, but that last fight with Midna was heartbreaking.

I really appreciate that you didn't really expand on Link's perspective this chapter. Leaving Vaati as the only one left as he watches Link set off was really beautiful.

I was hoping beyond hope that Link and Midna would truly begin a relationship, but there is a certain beauty to leaving the relationships unresolved. Link never talks to Ganondorf again, Viscen doesn't die, and Link doesn't fight Zelda. Instead, they all die, and Hyrule lives on.

Thank you for what you have written here. I'm not an emotional guy, but after that last paragraph, knowing there was no way Link and Midna reunite or Ganondorf truly finds peace... I had to sit there and just think for a bit.

Amazing story. I hope you are proud of this one.
11/22/2018 c33 2CapitalClassShip
The Legend of Zelda a Never ending Cycle that has been Broken Finally.

Kinda like Breath of the Wild Ending but more Seriously.

I Admit I cried more to Navi Death than Midna but was Better to end it all.

Still feel Bad for Saria.

Hopefully we get one more Chapter if it's not Marked as Complete.
8/20/2018 c33 MaxReboElephant
I signed up for to tell you how incredible this story was for me to read. Your ability to writing the politics, combat, mystery, adventure, and character development within this story is impressive.

The one thing I truly loved about your story was the shift in Zelda and Ganondorfs roles. Zelda corrupted by power and Ganondorf growing righteous; trying to not lose himself in the lust for power. It is a fresh concept to see here and shifts away from the typical good/evil themes that is centre to LoZ games.

Thank you for taking your time and putting in so much effort into this story. I hope you continue to write. You truly are talented.
8/11/2018 c33 1CygnusFang
I loved this story, from the first word to the last. The ending was very fitting. This is my favorite piece of literature. May the Goddesses forever watch over you.
11/8/2017 c33 Guest
Thank you, I was literally unable to stop reading this from the very moment that I opened the first chapter.

It's very rare that a story on this site envokes the the feelings in me that this one did. So I have very little to say other than thank you, and well done.

Aaand now I have to go find something with a ridiculously happy ending to get rid of this overpowering feeling of melancholy.
9/5/2017 c33 mole-rat-42
WOW. Everything comes together so nicely and I love this story so much, it would take me at least 3 pages to write down everything I want to say. I'll sum it sum by saying

Thank you so much for writing this. Never stop writing.
7/11/2017 c1 Raj8
I just finished reading this story and I'd just like to say that I really enjoyed it. The story was rather interesting and the ending was rather fitting I am a bit surprised that you didn't label the story complete though.
3/14/2017 c33 Guest
I'm ashamed of myself for not reading this right sooner. Loved everything from the cameos to the interactions between Link, Ganondorf, Zelda and Midna. Different and equal at then same time. The only problem: Is this completed? Seems like an epilogue is missing.
2/25/2017 c23 SubparHoot
This... This is just amazing. The central theme is that of the masochistic reinforcement of social code/hierarchy that is a centerpiece of many medieval cultures, and indeed that of the cultures hyrule is based on. Because of this, Link is the central character, not because of his power, and certainly not because of his status as the tiebreaker for an ancient standoff, but because he recognizes it. He has a foot in two worlds and a sense of justice that neither value.
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