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8/8/2012 c30 6INVISIUS
That was absolutely sweet! i just loved reading it!
4/2/2012 c6 badassassin25
This story is getting really good. I would have never thought the story would change this quickly. i may just read this story in a day out of shear curiosity.
9/26/2011 c1 3baby-lynx
I really like this story so far, but i cant undertsnad it.

its completely confusing.

you may want to edit this and re write alot of it but keep the original plot :/
3/4/2011 c2 3Frostyvale
The aspect of two inverse worlds and obsessive rulers reminds me of FFXIII.
1/23/2011 c30 5August425
This story deserves so many more reviews than it has now. Seriously, I love this. The plot was amazing and creative, and you did a great job keeping everyone in character. I can't wait to read more from you =)
7/16/2010 c30 17XShiori-chanX
WAIT! I'm confuzzled.

So Namine blew meteor or whatever up, saved Roxas, but got sent to another world with everyone. Roxas doesnt remember her, and life goes on like in KH2? questionable...

but still an AWSHOME ending! Loved this story since the beginning. :)
7/16/2010 c30 16Wrath lover
Over alredy? AWWWWWWWWW! Oh well, I guess it's for the best... It was a very good story! I loved it sooo much! I might just have to reread this over and over!
7/16/2010 c30 46677755
It's finally done i can't believe it! I've been with story since i first started reading fanfiction which was September. So I've been with the story about 28 or 29 of the chapters. Gosh, i feeling like crying. I really loved this story and I hope you'll do other Roxine's!(Or Namixas idk which one to write.)


Shi Rin Kurami. (Yumi.)
7/10/2010 c29 17XShiori-chanX

epilouge? Namine? Roku? eveyone?

It can't be over! NUUUUUU! Nami!

sheesh, I have no idea how you can create such a flowing storyline. I've been here since the beginning, and I will DEFINATELY be here for the end.

(what about mah Ven? sorry, I've been dying to know :P)
7/10/2010 c29 46677755
This was a totally, awesome chapter. I can't wait till the epilogue. I'll be pretty sad if Namine does sacrifice herself. But everything does happen for a reason. I can't believe this is ending! I've been with this story ever since I made an account and that was months ago... You are just.. Amazing. This story really was great. Listening to 'Safe and Sound' while writing makes my thoughts go to straight to advent children and crisis core. Wow, this review is getting long. But, really amazing story. It was all a plan, it just made me be like,'Holy Leviathan i couldn't have guessed that!'

Best Wishes,

Shi Rin Kurami. (Yumi.)
7/3/2010 c28 46677755
I love Cid's wife(not in that way!), she's awesome! I really don't like Seymour.
6/13/2010 c1 1Alwyn18
ooooh cool.
6/12/2010 c25 17XShiori-chanX
I still seriously love this story...


lol I was screaming that in my head for like, ten minutes while staring at the review button. I had to think about it. XD

this chapter was so cute! I love how Roxie is reflecting on his life. it fits well. :)
6/4/2010 c24 21RavenFollower13
Yes! I was getting impatient with this update. That's beast that Naminé can do that now, protecting Roxas and everyone like that I mean. This is an amazing story!
5/11/2010 c23 17XShiori-chanX

awsome. AWESOME. Awe to the freaking Some. you know, this is my absolute favorite story. Thank you for updating, you made my day. :)
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