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for It Could Only Happen to Harry

9/5 c1 WickedSpoon
wild. hilarious, but wild. nowhere close to where I thought this was going
7/13 c9 Guest
I want the mcgonagall scene. And harry enlisting tonks' help preparing for it. Or idunno, maybe he'll try it on a boggart instead
6/11 c2 Andy
These are so well written. Theyre all talking and behaving perfectly in character (except for the sex part) its really easy to imagine it's them.
5/31 c9 Ariadne Venegas
I really think there must be another way!
1/20 c1 lepetitereina
Madame Pomfrey is a hoot!
12/15/2022 c9 omh666
That was actually a pretty amusing ending. I was scared for a bit that you were going to write the ritual between them, but... I do enjoy how you ended up going about things.
8/16/2022 c9 2subhogue
Great story, loved the smutty and comedic themes. Also you have now pointed out that I have been saying a characters name wrong for over 15 years so both thank you and fork you for that. XD
8/14/2022 c9 4Jetstream
"I originally intended chapter nine to be a full-on Harry/McGonagall scene, but I couldn't bring myself to write it."

Bah, coward. :P

McGonagall's in her sixties, for a group of people that live well past a century as a matter of course, she's just middle aged. And, frankly, Dame Maggie Smith was hot between the ages of 20 and 50-ish :P
6/1/2022 c9 geenakmom
This was a fun read! Thanks for sharing it.
5/6/2022 c4 StyxUA
I don't understand what's so funny in Tonks showing naked Molly or Sybil. I find it quite disgusting, and I wonder how Harry was able to have sex with her afterwards instead of storming out and vomiting.
4/16/2022 c1 29Kaworu Naha ga bisa
IT'S OVER 9000!
4/10/2022 c9 6Chalayne
I wouldn’t want to read the act but I would love to read how he talks her into it! Oh - even better Hermione should be the one to do it
12/6/2021 c9 Cosray8d
Well it was fun!
The unusual topic of his size being so present throughout the story and him always being the but of a joke was a bit annoying though.
10/12/2021 c9 19Deonne
Wow, and I couldn’t stop giggling at some of the situations in this. Great story.
8/30/2021 c1 Fuck Names
Nice DBZ reference.
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