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for It Could Only Happen to Harry

8/4/2018 c9 badkidoh
Great chapter & ending.
8/4/2018 c9 G-Unot
Put the Harry/McGonagall scene in. Fur die lulz if nothing else
8/4/2018 c9 22Clavyus
Nice little story, including the ending. Missed a slightly more descriptive version of Fleur and Tonks little "conflict".
8/4/2018 c9 gilgameshone
Thank you for providing the exception that proves the rule, namely that long unfinished fics are NEVER finished. With exceptions for specific authors, I’ve pretty much pruned my followed stories list to fics which have been updated in the preceding 12 months. I kept this one on that list only because the scenes with Tonks and Luna are utterly prefect. As such, I applaud your decision to return, years later, to give your thirsty readers this full and final measure of romantic lemonade. Thank you again.
8/3/2018 c9 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
A wonderful chapter and quite an unusual and entertaining ending. Thanks for sharing!
8/3/2018 c9 4Aidenk77
A great chapter and congratulations on finishing. I enjoyed this story immensely.
8/3/2018 c9 Treant Balewood
Thank you for finishing this up, it was a fun ride.
8/3/2018 c9 Aaron Leach
Awesome chapter.
8/3/2018 c9 Zeuseus
The only way I've seen Minerva/Harry done that was even remotely palatable to picture mentally involved a lot of the older female professors using glamour charms to make themselves look older (because being magical kept them in their physical prime for a much longer period so even in their 50's/60's they were MILFs).

So yeah, I think cutting it where you did was a good plan.
8/3/2018 c9 2mwinter1
cool ending. thank you.
8/3/2018 c8 1TheFloristFriar
Phenomenal story!
8/1/2018 c8 22Clavyus
Just found this little gem today. Nicely written, sexy and sweet. Loved Hermione, Luna, Parvati and Tonks. Hope you bring Fleur back to play a bit more too.
7/28/2018 c8 dephunkt
I love how you explained how Harry and Hermione's relationship works. I could totally see how that would happen.
7/26/2018 c8 4Rahwin
Welcome back. I don't mind unfinished fanfics, it comes with the territory after all. But seing a returning author like this is always nice. Well done on your perseverance and I hope you still enjoy writing the story.
As for the story. The prose is solid as with the previous chapters. The character interactions are very well made and you keep things simple and to the point. You proclaimed at the beginning that this would be a relatively uncomplicated story. You have succeeded in this while also making the story compelling to read on more levels than for the smut. Quite impressive!
All in all, thank you for a good read.
7/25/2018 c8 Johnnyseattle
It had been so long I almost didn't remember what this was about, I don't think I've seen it since you were still updating. What a pleasant surprise though.

After all this time, the Tonks chapter is still one of the funniest things I've ever read, hands down. Well done, and I hope you'll write more HP stuff in the future if you stick around after this is done.
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