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for It Could Only Happen to Harry

10/18/2009 c3 3Bolondka
Lol! Leave that idiot "over 90"! :D

Btw great chapter :)
10/18/2009 c3 starsky19
you have like no idea how much i love this story...tonks up next !i can't wait thats going to be hot ...hell it's all hot lol update soon !
10/17/2009 c2 1Lighthawk610
This is a damn good story and well written too, Keep up the good work, I will be adding you to my fav Author.
10/17/2009 c2 10shinji the good sharer
LMAO! This is one of the better lemons. Keep up the awesome work!

ikari shinji
10/17/2009 c2 SomeGuyFawkes
I think I reviewed this on another site.

Anyway, I'm not too in-to gratuitous smut; It needs more car chases!
10/17/2009 c2 48kutnerlove
can't wait for the next chapter!
10/17/2009 c2 3Bolondka
At first i thought this gonna be some "low crossover with dragonball" (over 90) but later it turned into a really funny story thanks! :)
10/17/2009 c1 5Epsilon Of New Lyrae

Really funny, and hot 'ocourse.

But, it's really well written also; Not just random unbelievable smut.

I'd be pleased as punched if ya continued.

Also, haha, the 'ovar 9,0' thing made me lul hard.

Sup /b/?
10/16/2009 c1 3MR. SE7EN
nice very nice in all aspects length grammar spelling and originality KEEP GOING!
10/16/2009 c1 Amber611
Great and funny start, I can't wait to read more! I really loved Harry's reaction to his condition and having to explain to Hermione, lol, too funny! Very much like Hermione to be so curious, lol! Definitely can't wait for more Harry/Hermione! Please keep up the wonderful work, and Thanks for sharing! Take Care, Amber :)
10/16/2009 c1 SomeGuyFawkes
I'm very disappointed in this chapter. I did not see ANY comics smutting it up. ;-)

(On second thought, that's probably a good thing.)
10/16/2009 c1 sweetgirl23
I love it. I am so glad you are putting it here. Can't wait for more.
10/16/2009 c1 48kutnerlove
this is awesome!
10/16/2009 c1 6lferg
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