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8/25/2010 c1 22optimisticrealist72
Really good. I like how even though you didn't end with a feeling of 'the end, happily ever after' it still had a ring of finality to it. Were you listening to the song and the idea came to you or were you writing the idea down and the song came to you? I've read your other Remus/ Sirius (or the other way around, does it really make a difference!) and they're really good. Keep writing!

3/4/2010 c1 enapets21
NO! Not a cliff hanger! And I suppose we will never find out what Sirius says... *sob*
3/4/2010 c1 marieche
is this going to continue or is a oneshot? i hope you'll write more! and soon ;D thanks, i like it a lot
2/28/2010 c1 17GiantInflatableWalrus
Lovely :)

First off, I really loved the way it was structured; from long paragraphs to, eventually, that one line. A classic way to round it off ;) It has a nice flow, and really draws the reader in - has a strange sort of 'cozziness', as though he's nattering away to us- lovely :)

From reading your A/N I would have to say; don't go worrying yourself about who's better than you- Sure, comparison can help, you can gleam inspiration or tips- but don't become fixated with trying to 'match' your friends- you're clearly a good writer; and you can only get even better, mm hmm? ;)
10/30/2009 c1 3Mountain Mist
I want another chapter of this and I want it NOW (I get to be bossy beacause you love me really).

In fact, I DEMAND it.

Also, you do know that you are officially a part of the "bastards who write better than me" club, don't you? I hate you, I really do. Or at least I would, but the little pixie of goodness at the back of my head keeps poking my concious and telling me that it's wrong to hate a friend because they're better at something than you. Screw the pixie I say.


10/16/2009 c1 12WWT
Don't beat yourself up! I thought it was fantastic and you quite are at the same level as your dear friend Kiariad (yes, I read Kiariad's, too)! Don't force things, let them come and don't try to follow in anyone else's footsteps, you'll only step in them too fast and end up tripping. No, carving your own path is much better. I hope to see more of your stuff in the future.

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