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for Shadow Hearts: Guardian Son

7/30/2011 c12 WholeDream
Yey it has been updated!

I hope kurando is alright. I hate the 1917 event where anastasia and family were killed by bolseviks T_T
10/6/2010 c1 4Demon Marker
This story is amazing and I've only read the first chapter! I love Yuri and Alice having a family. Their like my fairy tale parents! Can't wait to read the rest! Well done!

Metal Soul
2/15/2010 c9 WholeDream
Wow this chapter was so colourful^^

Joachim's appearance undoubtly had made much fun, glad he joined this story :D
2/2/2010 c8 WholeDream
Oww I was grinning along Kain and Lily's part, they're so cute XDD

I love Lily so much, she was so funny when Yuri told her about harmonixer. And you took Greece history on, that sounds interesting although there were some Greece's terms which I don't understand :D

Oh and I was shock when Smithy took his gun to Alice (I don't care when it's pointed to Jessica..haha bad me). I scared if he shot Alice 8D
1/29/2010 c7 WholeDream
Finally Yuri have arrived..love to imagine him with formal suit XDD

And the reunion with Keith and Margarette were so nice..^^

But who's Nina? Did she appear in SH1?
1/20/2010 c6 WholeDream
"Does that mean when it rains you dressed up like a zombie and scare people?"..that was the funniest part, remind me of Yuri's style XDD

And about Lily, what colour is her bat? I just wanna know about the match interesting colour for her :D
1/6/2010 c5 WholeDream
Finally updated :D

Kain and Lily were more closer here, I love it^^

They are so sweet :D

and yuri will come around, it would be absolutely great to see yuri again! XD
11/23/2009 c4 WholeDream
This is nice chapter..make me more like Kain, he's so nice as a guardian XD

I love how Kain and Lily always give smiles to each other, hope they could be a couple (I always imagine how great if Hyuga and Valentine become one^^)

Keep going!
11/8/2009 c3 WholeDream
Love this chapter, Kain finally met Lily^^

Looks like Alice has raised Kain in really good way, he was used to call Lily "mistress" and he gave a hand kiss to Lily.. That was really something that Yuri have never done^^

Btw about the updating on YouTube, whose voice was used to act it?
10/26/2009 c2 WholeDream
yeah new chapter has been updated^^

Love to see Valentine family!

Keep going, I really enjoy this^^
10/24/2009 c2 2Alucard-Nightroad89
Hey soul, just read the new chapter. Really enjoyed it and hope to read more soon. :)
10/18/2009 c1 WholeDream
Yey you've made it^^

Great story!

Well..I love Kain.. You've made good OC!

Keep updating!

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