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1/2/2023 c12 Gilgamesh50
Nel/hunter j is allowed
It’s so confusing
Like what I understand of this arua guardians are suposed to be good people?
Not sure but if it is so then why even after losing her memories is nel/hunter j there?
1/2/2023 c11 Gilgamesh50
It’s really annoying hwp those gurls are so nonchalant with everything
1/1/2023 c5 Gilgamesh50
Wait wat srry can’t remember I thought he lost to tobias?
Or did you change it?
10/28/2021 c1 Fuck Names
Future me if you find this again, you have read this too lol.
Fuck you past me. Well this is present for me so kinda awkaward. Umm, fuck you past past me. I'm getting confused and I'm sure future me who will find this in a year or some months will be laughing at our/my stupidity. Hey, I helped you so be grateful you prick.
3/27/2020 c2 Vort
I know you said your rewriting the earlier chapters and that it will take 10 chapters of important set up until it really gets going. But I just can't for the life of me read 10 chapters worth of meh for just a chance at reading a good story.
So, sorry, but I'm going to find books that start out with me getting hooked, rather than read meh for 10 chapters and hope to get hooked afterward.

Thanks for the read!
- Vort
1/5/2020 c26 Maheshvara10
One of best pokemon fanfiction. Thank you very much author San. I hope you will continue to make more ash x Cynthia. Thank you very much
10/18/2019 c24 Dark Aura User
I was about to post my first review for this story talking about how hyped as shit I was for the battle, and your claims of the story only being a third of the way completed, but I accidentally clicked ‘next chapter’ instead and, well...

Can’t say I’m not disappointed.

Of course, I understand that you may have lost interest, and/or you don’t have the time to write, but seeing how your rewrite only has 2 chapters and hasn’t been updated in a year has me feeling dumb for getting hooked on this story I believed was completed.

Anyway, what you’ve got so far is great. If there ever comes a time where you continue writing this/the rewrite, I got my notifications ready so I can continue on as well.

Hope it won’t come to the point where I begin forgetting all of this if/when you update again, but take your time.

3AM ramble over, have a good one.
4/2/2019 c1 GuestfakeReal
I don't what everyone's going on about when they say this is the "best prologue ever." I fucking skimmer 3/4's of it. Starting with an OC (?) then everything else with the timeskip ... I think I just don't like your slow pacing or whatever. I tried reading your Harry Potter earlier and skimmed through that, too. Can't get into your works. See ya'.
3/1/2019 c10 Guest
Huh, so Nel is Hunter J?
9/26/2018 c26 Infinity Soul

Nobelium Uranium my friend.

9/25/2018 c26 Cyberbeasttitan
Wow, it's been a few years since I read this, it was one of the first stories I read on this site. I vaguely remember a tattooed eeveelution girl, a tournament, aura guardians, Cynthia's royalty?, and time traveling cliffhanger?
9/25/2018 c26 yourregularsenpai
Oh boy! Heck yeah! Thanks for the hard work! Been following it since 2009!
6/13/2018 c1 DvW30dc2
Interested in time gap. Will there be a prequel explaining what happened to Ash during those missing five years? Are you even still alive out there? A.K.A are you still posting on this site?
10/23/2017 c25 13IreJasmine
It's a really good story, had it's ups and downs but I think it'd be best if you don't delete it until after posting the first chapter of the remake. If possible I would like to do tinue reading this old one and compare it to the new version too but oh well.

Thank you for updating us and I'll patiently wait for whatever fancies your boat~
8/11/2017 c25 Sovereign49
An amazing and well thought out story.
I was a bit confused by Cynthias ... well ... behaviour.
Was something like: Though act, but insecure maiden at heart.
But I guess it worked for this story.

I really hope that the plans for the rewrite still stand, cause I'd like to see where this plot goes (and how you plan on upgrading the plot to this point)

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