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for A Magic Beyond All Else

12/24/2010 c9 Batman'sBestFriend
Holy guacamole!(no clue how to spell that so I guessed!) that was flibbin awesome! Did you come up with the pheilots your self?
6/17/2010 c9 7Sunslicer2
I loved it!It would have been nice to see the cast use wands, though.

Although, the big paragraphs that explained the philotes and everything really confused me. I don't know the String Theory, though, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Either way, a very good story.
12/18/2009 c6 10BookObsesserNumberOne
I like the idea of Philotic physics. Did you come up with that on your own? I see a career of beta-reading.
11/15/2009 c9 1ilovemysteries1990
I loved it! I can't believe people didn't review this!

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