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7/4 c17 allenfan
Good to see you back!
And that your safe and healthy
Thank you for the update
And always looking forward for the next update
Again stay safe and healthy!
6/28 c17 K1mba
M still here and eager like a beaver to read this story :3
Thanks for uploading the 17th chapter and its just AWSOME ;3
6/28 c17 Cutiepie120048
Just binged it - poor Allen. People miss him.

Keep Up The Good Work~!
3/31/2019 c16 Jinx
This just made my day! Thank you so much!
3/2/2019 c16 nothingheretoseedeletethisacct
Strange musky cave... Wonder what's hiding in there... Have I told you I like the way you write Lavi? Because I do. Nice to see you again :)
3/2/2019 c16 allenfan
Well come back!
I wonder what allen is doing?
Looking forward for the next chapter!
3/23/2018 c1 waterlillypad
I've read your story twice now. I greatly enjoy your take on the materials, adding your own flare to it. The relationships you are building between the characters are well done. PLEASE update soon! I would love for you to finish this!
3/9/2018 c15 Guest
Just discovered your series. I am really enjoying it. I am bummed you haven't updated in a long time. I hope you continue on so I can read what you have planned!
11/29/2017 c13 Jinx
Sorry for the last two comments I sent. I had written one but it wasn't posted after I reread that chapter. Therefore, I wrote another one because I thought that it was important to give feedback but lo and behold, it appeared! So... yeah, sorry about that. As for this comment, I just wanted to point out a slight continuity error because I reread this fic in my spare time. I think Allen's (right) hand is supposed to be bandaged in this chapter (?) from his unfortunate run-in with a mirror but it is oddly absent the couple of times his non-deformed hand is mentioned. Anywho, Happy belated Thanksgiving! And I hope three comments by me in a row aren't weirding you out!
8/2/2017 c15 Jinx
Thank you for the new update! There is so much to look forward to. It's funny, I don't realize I'm doing but most days I check to see if you have updated and then occasionally I decide I want to reread everything. Thank you for making such an entertaining and fun piece of literature. Enjoy your summer!
8/2/2017 c15 Jinx
I love how whenever I check to see if you've updated and have, all the comments of your regular commenters are within 24 hours of the time you released the chapter. I am not the exception either. It is a testament to just how wonderful your story is and how eager we are to see your work. Thank you for the update, there is so much to look forward to!
8/2/2017 c15 nothingheretoseedeletethisacct
Best not to piss Kanda off, but some people never learn. Thanks for this :)
8/2/2017 c15 10jy24
Short, but satisfying.
8/2/2017 c15 allenfan
yay a update
so it was cross's power that erased allen's memories?
its gonna get exited when more mystery get unraveled
thanks for the update looking forward for the next chapter
8/2/2017 c15 1Darke13
A couple of typos:
"Ignoring his bleeding forearm Kanda raised is uninjured "
-Should be "raised his uninjured"
And this paragraph is missing a quotation mark
-"I only know of one man who uses bullets laced with innocence." Tyki replied furrowing his brow. This indicates that I must have come across Cross at some point, but I have no recollection of that moment..."

Thank you for the update! Oh goodness, is Cross' ability to take memories kinda like the ability that Apocryphos has? Or is it something else?
I look forward to the next installment!
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