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for Everworld: Intervention

2/24/2010 c5 26Andrew Fisher15
As snobbish as it sounds, I don't think either that two 9x18mm rounds to the chest would really stop a Viking. And, maybe Eli should have brought an AK or a pump 12 gauge after all.

Anyway, it's interesting.
2/24/2010 c3 Andrew Fisher15
Hah, yes, you're a fellow Georgian. Airsoft... I used to do that, but the fun kind of left for me after I bought a real gun. 6mm bb's are nothing compared to 9x19mm and 12 gauge. I'd get back into it, but Strategic Airsoft Command shut down and the only other field is 60 miles away. One way.

Enough rambling, this does look like an interesting story.
2/24/2010 c2 Andrew Fisher15
Firstly, you should make it so you can receive antonymous reviews.

Secondly, it's pretty funny, but a good idea. I mean, yeah, if I was going to Everworld I'd be taking some of that stuff along. (I'm kind of in the middle there as far as the guns and gear go.) Interesting idea.

Lastly, you're an decent writer, but it's a lot better if you take your time and show what happens, not tell.
12/23/2009 c11 4Attack 224
lol the chapter x

anyways i thought it was a okay story :)

keep up the updates!

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