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for The Colonel & Doctor Carter

6/18/2014 c24 Guest
Wtf dont just end
3/22/2013 c20 Guest
love the fic so far...
one thing though: lexi is a little bit too perfect, I mean greater runner and fighter than ronon or teyla, better golf player than john and a doctor?! would like it better if she would be more realistic,some flaws... other than that great story. I liked the style very much, it's easy reading and very entertaining :)
4/24/2012 c24 30YearsofMisery
Oh no they were too early but why didn't the other McKay give him a time
4/24/2012 c23 30YearsofMisery
Awesome he's back yay
4/24/2012 c22 30YearsofMisery
Cool there going to come out and confess yay !
4/24/2012 c21 30YearsofMisery
Omg I love Carson being back yay!
4/24/2012 c20 30YearsofMisery
I'm confused about the face for months part :0
4/24/2012 c19 30YearsofMisery
Ha she beat a runner how Awesome is that
4/24/2012 c18 30YearsofMisery
A promise ring aw! That's so sweet!
4/24/2012 c17 30YearsofMisery
Aw poor ronon now he can't brag about winning
4/24/2012 c16 30YearsofMisery
Will he be using that ring in the future :'D
4/24/2012 c15 30YearsofMisery
Poor John maybe he should spend his Time on earth w his bro
4/24/2012 c14 30YearsofMisery
Why didn't she go w him?
4/24/2012 c13 30YearsofMisery
G-d his such a jerk, he should apologize
4/24/2012 c12 30YearsofMisery
You know I never got it, how golf could be a sport, no offence to golf lovers out there, but all you do is hit a ball with a stick
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