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for Hit By Destiny

7/3 c10 mrs.lilibet cullen
I just want to go on to this chapter and strangle charlie and that witch
5/19 c57 EndlessGloaming
Wow, what an amazing ride! I've been just hooked on this story. The character arcs were masterful. It was so emotionally intense.
5/18 c61 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
Is Constant published now? Where can i find it, and what is your author name?
2/25 c61 antipyro
Love this! You have a way of turning an unfortunate occurrence into a catastrophe! Beautiful!

If you haven’t got a beta yet, I would love to proof your work, which isn’t that bad, really. You can email me.
2/25 c57 antipyro
This story is amazing and you’re a very talented writer. Your depression issues only make it real. Being a part of that world is scary, at best, but you’ve managed to pull out of it, to a degree.

How you keep all the details in an organized order, without forgetting them astounds me. Your long, involved chapters with discussions of what the characters are mindful of and to keep it straight, even while flipping around and around just makes me love you all the more. Fantastic!

I hope you’ve written more, cuz I want to read it all. Thank you so much!
2/25 c56 antipyro
I hope she doesn’t get pregnant.
2/25 c55 antipyro
Planned sex….love it!
2/25 c54 antipyro
That was nice.
2/24 c53 antipyro
What happened?
2/24 c52 antipyro
2/24 c51 antipyro
Noooooo, not Jasper! I loved his talks with Sparrow. The true therapist.
2/24 c50 antipyro
I’m sure it was Edwards taunting words that tripped Jacob into shooting, kinda a reflex action.

Edward has to live.
2/24 c49 antipyro
You just knew it would happen.
2/24 c48 antipyro
At least she’s considering getting help.
2/23 c47 antipyro
No, no, no,no, nooooooo. No feathers that aren’t hers. The prophecy says….

I hope she doesn’t have to follow the Webers over the holidays. Any hints on the dna test for paternity?
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