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for Starts With Goodbye

11/22/2009 c2 luvmr.smexy
lovefool- by 'the cardigans'
10/27/2009 c2 2broken-paige
Very good writing, but I think you should step away from naming Superstars and songs. Its seems too cliche, focus more on the less material thing. Ex of Material things: Wal-Mart instead of saying "Amu then went to Wal-Mart" You should add more description in how she went there, what she was feeling. Ex:

"Amu slowly walked to a Shop thinking about Ikuto all the time"

Do you get me? Focus less on Brands/Names/Songs and move into more descriptive.
10/25/2009 c1 DarkChoclat
O... Please continue!

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