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8/18/2011 c1 trueform
Maybe for a split second...but it is not Edward's MO.
8/7/2011 c19 Dollsrme
Well, somehow I missed this chapter and have now gone back to read it. This really explains a lot. Since I have already read the next 2 chapters I know what happens. I'll just say that I hope Alice understands.
8/7/2011 c21 Dollsrme
Oh no not Charlie! Poor Bella! Just keep breathing and reading. Trust, I must trust. This is so good!
8/7/2011 c20 Dollsrme
Well, I didn't see that! Edward living with James' coven and Alice. I'm hoping Alice forgives him sooner. I've always loved their cannon relationship.
8/7/2011 c18 Dollsrme
Deep breaths - I'll get through this just like the Cullens!
8/7/2011 c28 ginkie
Extremely well written story...I loved it. Had me on the edge of my seat most of the ride and Carlisle's death was heartbreaking...sniff...Thanks to la vita e who in their wisdom decided this was a good fic to plagiarise, it brought it to my attention! X
8/7/2011 c17 Dollsrme
And he admits he loves her. Oh, Edward!
8/7/2011 c16 Dollsrme
Yeah! Deep breaths, she's finally coming around. I'm still on the edge of my seat and hoping not to fall off! lol
8/7/2011 c15 Dollsrme
It was all going so well and then . . . there should have been a tissue alert! Well, I'm in tears, again I love this and can't get enough. I'm so glad this is complete and I don't have to wait for the next chapter.
8/7/2011 c14 Dollsrme
So she is figuring him out! Will it be like cannon, it doesn't matter? I can't wait - must read the next chapter.
8/6/2011 c13 Dollsrme
A little more history. A helpful, worried Edward. I can't get enough!
8/6/2011 c12 Dollsrme
white - Jake, Oh no! I never wanted her with Jake but not this! Evil, dark, you did warn us. I love it!
8/6/2011 c11 Dollsrme
Pepsi - James is really evil. Poor Edward. I can see I'm in for a long night of reading. I can't stop now! lol Diana
8/6/2011 c10 Dollsrme
Edward, of course! lol I love that Edward is trying to get to know her. And Victoria is evil. I'm still on the edge of my seat!
8/6/2011 c8 Dollsrme
So they've met! Better reaction than the books. This just keeps getting better and better. On to the next chapter.
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