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9/27/2015 c28 Jibson01
Soo, u killed off Carlisle. Y? It wasn't necessary, and it only served to make an already angsty story more sad. Also, no sequel?
9/15/2015 c28 Guest
I had resisted reading this story, because the title sounded so sad. It was an interesting, well-written story. However, the sadness, the deaths of Carlisle, Charlie and Jacob were very difficult to read. You are a very talented writer.
7/17/2015 c28 5Silque
Okay, I really enjoyed the story, until you killed off Carlisle. First, it wasn't necessary. Second, why can Edward be put back together multiple times, but not Carlisle? I'm calling bullshit.
7/16/2015 c28 margaret.johnson.5477
Fantastic story...
5/15/2015 c20 jk
minutes or hours...he wasn't sure? really? he cant tell the difference?

his idea of atoning for his sins it to lie to everyone and protect one vampire? seriously? that doesn't even make any sense! didn't he kill innocents for YEARS and he thinks he can atone for that by "protecting" alice? wtf?

and bella is just cool with it...she said that he took on too much guilt all by himself...really bella? really? god she sounded so stupid when she said that! he damn well better feel fucking guilt...a crushing amount too! Edwards a piece of shit in your story...and bellas stupid for seeing past it so easily..makes her look realllllllllllllly deparate
5/15/2015 c7 jk
let me get this straight...Edward bathed Elizabeth for 3 months...naked?
2/9/2015 c28 rimalem
Dude! U emailed me renfield & chicklet ages ago and only recently i read it. This, I stumbled across in AmeryMarie's fav. Just wanna tell u how much I enjoyed both. Thanx!
1/22/2015 c28 4SarcasticBimbo
FANTASTIC! One of the best vamp fics I have EVER read. You are a MASTER in the art of writing.
1/22/2015 c19 SarcasticBimbo
AWESOME TWIST ON CANON! Yes, I used the shouty caps and exclamation points on purpose!
12/20/2014 c21 karen4honor
Renee and Jake, I could handle getting killed, but not CHARLIE! :-( :'(
Marvelous story all around, though!
11/1/2014 c28 2Liz 1974
I was so sad for Esme :( is there going to be more
8/12/2014 c28 krzpepper
Wow! That was such a good story! Amazing! Even though my heart broke in certain parts, it was probably one of the best retellings of twilight that I've read! Thank you!
7/20/2014 c8 30Mumofpicklegirls
Wow, this story is gooood
1/14/2014 c28 6missmelly
Oh no you did not! Good lord!
1/7/2014 c28 KateyK
Thanks for a fun read.
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