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1/23/2011 c10 10MiggyMeista
Whoa, good to see Sagat get quite a bit of action against a good assortment of opponents, Dhalsim, Ryu, and even Akuma. I also enjoyed seeing Rival Schools get some love with Akira Kazama's appearance and a fight with Yun.

Also putting Gouken's daughter in the story, excellent, she was a always that I've wondered about for a while. Good to see someone finally do something with her and I look forward to see what's around the corner next.
1/11/2011 c9 25Dune7
Another great chapter filled to the brim with excitment,actio,fights and intrigue all around,loved it.

I especially loved the fight between Abel and D.DARK,I never thought they'd cross paths,even in a fanfic.

I look forward to what you got next,but the question remains..when are we gonna see chapter 10 and future chaps man? I just read them all,I hope you got more on tap.

Either way,i'll stay tuned.
1/11/2011 c8 Dune7
Another great chapter MH,way to go!

I loved the fights all around,especially between Gen and the shadaloo soldiers.

It's also not the first time we see Fei get his butt beat by Ryu,(You ever see SF VOL.6 from UDON COMICS? That happened as well.)but yeah I saw the movie years ago,so I get the inspiration,but man i'd like to see Fei beat him for a change.

I do have an idea who Akuma's apprentice is,heh either way move over darth vader and starkiller,this is gonna be boss!

I look forward to what's next.
1/10/2011 c7 Dune7
Great all action on this one MH,good job. I loved the fights between all the following,especially with chun-li and the doll agents.

I also liked the interaction scene with Allen snider as well.

I look forward to the next chapter as always.
12/27/2010 c6 Dune7
Another great read on the latest in WWL. I loved the fights between Ryu and the others in the tourney they were in. A shame Dan lost,but hey it was great of you to use him in a fight and the interaction between them was an entertaining one.

Loved also was the sakura karin fight and the battle with the doll agent in there and the addition of Hokuto was sweet as well.

I look forward to more next chapter.
12/19/2010 c9 10MiggyMeista
Well man, sure it's been a while since your last update, but it was worth it. I liked seeing Abel and Doctrine Dark in a really good fight, plus with Ken and Allen fighting one another, both fights were really well done. And of course I can see Yun acting like a fool and getting himself into trouble. Anyways, another solid update from you man and I look forward to the next one.
12/14/2010 c5 25Dune7
Another great chapter as always MH. I was mighty impressed by all the info and creativity you placed in this chapter,and i'm suprised you utilized some interesting character utilizations from some non canon sf sources.

(Personally,I used to like the american SF cartoon back then,but looking back now,it was a badly made piece of crap,especialy the 2nd and last season they did. However,I did do a fanfiction sequel to it's last episode entitled SF:EPILOGUE,please give it a look when you can.)

I do follow the SF comics at Udon as much as I can find them,I understood mostly about who this character you created was and who she was based on,good job.

Oh yeah,I also just placed the newest chapter of SF countdown up,I hope you and others read it soon. See you next chapter and merry xmas.
12/9/2010 c4 Dune7
Another good chapter well wrote MH. Loved every scene and how the characters of SF4 are coming into view here.

I loved the fight between Abel and Hugo especially,I had a feeling Hugo would show up in this story as well. Too bad,he along with Haggar are not in the actual SF4 game,they'd make great additions to it.

Look forward to more.
12/4/2010 c3 Dune7
Another interesting chapter you recently wrote up,MW good job.

I liked all the flashbacks and in game dialogue you wrote in from the game,good job.

And thanks for the latest review you gave mine,the next chapter will be conjured up sometimes this coming week,hopefully.
11/22/2010 c8 10MiggyMeista
Heh heh, that was an awesome chapter and Ryu got to see a lot of action. Good to see some homage to the SFII anime film with the Ryu vs Fei Long fight, and of course seeing Gen slaughter some hapless Shadaloo soldiers is always awesome. Also, good job in throwing in Won Won from Final Fight 2.
11/20/2010 c2 25Dune7
The next chapter was just as interesting as the first one.

Great fight between Ken and Rufus as well as that kobra guy,and great cameos of Allen and Sean as well,good job.

Akuma has an apprentice eh? I think I can guess who it really is,but..i'll reserve further theories till the next chapter.

I look forward to more.
11/20/2010 c2 25iceangelmkx
After reading that first fight, I think I'm going to have 'Kung-Fu Fighting' playing in my head for the rest of the night.

Rufus is just... ew. I swear, that stomach of his defies all laws of physics. Though I did laugh when he stole some popcorn from that fan.

Nice way to add Sean into the mix. I look forward to seeing what else you do with them.

Another great chapter!
11/20/2010 c8 gen. liquid
Man, I'm liking where this story is going. Keep up the good work.
11/20/2010 c1 iceangelmkx
After sending you that PM through Facebook, I got thinking about your fic... so I decided to get started on finally reading!

What a great start to your fic! You're definitely much better on describing fight scenes and the atmosphere surrounding them than I am, lol. And I find it pretty unique that it's Ryu vs Cody. You would usually see, like, Ryu vs Ken, Ryu vs Akuma, etc in a fic's beginning... which is not a bad thing, but after seeing this fight scene, it's a nice change.

Looking forward to reading the rest!
11/10/2010 c1 25Dune7
Hey,great battle between Ryu and Cody,well detailed and written for a first chapter,if only they made the recent SFA anime this way story wise.

I also like how you gave Cody his actual street fighting clothes instead of that loust jailbird outfit he still wears(I wonder what his alternate costume in SF4 is?)

I look forward to reading the other chapters as well.
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