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4/25/2015 c1 110th Squad 3rd Seat
7/25/2013 c1 gandalf
This is not a review for this fic. Sorry. I wanted to say something about that Fairy Tales crossover fic., The Doctor was the one who said how dangerous travel between universes was. Does anyone really think he'd do it himself if he said so? The Daleks call him the Oncoming Storm. He's not known and feared by that name by the whole universe, as fanfiction always says.
6/13/2012 c1 1Coffee Targaryen
Cool Update soon
4/6/2012 c1 9sydg813
I loved that so much! It was amazing, and just what I was hoping for :-)
9/22/2011 c1 TimeTwins
Finally! Someone put those two together! Oh how I wish she had appeared in Torchwood, even just once.
4/4/2010 c1 1WhovianTrekkies
This is great Nova! I wasn't a huge fan of Lady Christina, but I have to admit she'd be great in Torchwood :D

(it's Josie btw, I'm on mine and Paula's new joint account I cbb to sign back into my own xD)
3/1/2010 c1 47Kathryn Shadow
'This explanation left many more unanswered questions, and Christina was about to ask how the human race could be killed by really tiny pants, when she realized that probably wasn't what he meant.'

I read. I frowned. I read it again. I got it. I lol'd. I waited for a couple of seconds. I lol'd again. ^_^

'"The Doctor may be angst-y and depressed right now,'

-gigglesnort- Ah, emo Doctor. -shakes head-

WOO! :D -hugs fic- I approve.
1/30/2010 c1 timano
I like this story! I'm just picturing Lady Christina on the Torchwood team . . . She'd add a spark that perhaps few other characters can add. 10 out of 10 stars. (And maybe it'll happen on TV, too! That would be fun.)
1/8/2010 c1 20Darkfire359
I have to say I really like the idea of Lady Christina as a member of torchwood. She'd certainly be more interesting then Gwen.
12/26/2009 c1 19OrionTheHunter
Oh . . . would love to see Gwen's reaction to Christina. Thanks for writing.
12/4/2009 c1 15KiteDancer
Update! ^^ Really good chapter - I love the interaction between Christina and Jack - they make a perfect couple. Nice story!
11/23/2009 c1 15TARDISgirl192
Oh, that's great! I could totally see this scenario happening. And Lady Christina naming the bus George is hilarious.Overall, good job.
11/9/2009 c1 12Vayluh Arwen
Hmm, this looks interesting... I have high hopes for this one ;)

Love you to keep going, if you feel like it, of course. Lady Christina as one of Torchwood... plenty of adventures ahead! :D

Keep it up!


PS - as a side-note, in England, pants are trousers, so that's what she'd probably say/think. Sorry to be picky, but, y'know, this is me, here :)
10/26/2009 c1 53SciFiGeek14
Brilliant! The summery made me laugh so hard.

Reading the last line I really wanted to say "oh now were calling him Captain!" ah the ninth doctor with his captain envy

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