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1/27/2010 c8 5Dragonlady80906
I checked out the deviantart picture from unmercyfuldeath's art collection. Nice. Good by the way, I wasn't actually expecting the brother to show up. No clues in any of the other chapters, way to go, that's the kind of writing i'm looking for. Very well done. You have learned well little grasshopper. I had to sorry bro...
1/9/2010 c8 8UnmercyfulDeath
you know, sometimes i hate you. you make me want to draw fight scenes that i could never possible accomplish with my not-so-good art skills.

and this fight tween Naeo and Opal is one i really really REALLY want to draw T.T but it always takes so long to get Naeo-Naeos proportions right, and then thers the background, and lighting...

...*looks to Naeo for opinion*

Naeo: *munches on cookie* what? i don't care, go for it.

Vox: -_-; useless hybrid...

Naeo: oversize dragon insanity with a constant crack and sugar high.

XP i'll go for it! i don't care how long it takes me, i will draw this scene!

^^; but anyway, this chapter is made of epicness, i love how you did Naeo's fighting style! XD i'v always kindof thought that he'd be good at some sort of martial arts type of thing.

and the cloak is so him XD

can't wait for the next chappie! i really want to see/read about Opals reaction to her long lost brother ^.^

Naeo: i wasn't lost, i knew completely where i was. i was just missing from that specific area.

Xae: Naeovex.

Naeo: yeah?

Xae: shut up. *whacks over the head with heavy "history for highly h-agressive Hybrid H-loosres" book*

Naeo: OW!

Fli: Naeo been hit with History!

Vox: oh dear Vita, i reside over a circus...
1/4/2010 c7 UnmercyfulDeath
^.^ hey ya! sorry for not reviewing sooner, i was very busy over the holidays :(

^.^ but i just wanted to say that i love this chappie, and was so hyper when i saw you updated i nearly had soda out my nose (burns like heck...) but you probably didn't want to know that XD

anyway, still a great story and i stills want more XD
12/2/2009 c3 5Dragonlady80906
...Brat. this is a good story.
11/20/2009 c6 8UnmercyfulDeath
Naeo Naeo: Now look whos in trouble!

Opal: *kicks in unplsent area*

Naeo Naeo: *khells over* damned human parts...

opal scares me now...all that blood that must have been on her...

Naeo Naeo: and the fact that she's a canable...

Opal: not exactly, i'd only be pure canable if i killed and eat you.

Naeo Naeo: *hides under rock*

anway, i like this chappie ^.^ Caim and Opal meet, yay! T.T poor angie, though...haveing to discuss that very sorae topic...

Naeo Naeo: is this what you could call an appearence?

Opal: no, naeovex, its not an apperence if their just talking about you.

Naeo Naeo: darn. what if they were to look at my body?

Opal: i don't think-

Fli: thats what MySpace is for 8D!

Caim: *nearly has chocolate milk squirt out his nose*

Angelus: Distrubeing...

Caim: and painfull...Chocolate milk burns!

Opal: i for one am not digging up your body.

Naeo Naeo: why not, i could still be alive!

Caim: that would be physically impossable.

Vox: but not as cool as Opals blood bath.

Opal: which brings us back to this review. stop going off topic, people!

anyway, can't wait for more! it's really getting interesting. i can't help but wonder how Caim and Angelus are going to do in the next chappie. i can't help but feel bad for opal though...

Opal: at least i have sentiment.

Naeovex: how does it feel to be abused? *gives huge smirk*

Opal: *looks over* ... *slashes at face*

Naeovex: *pulls back* your homicidal!

Caim: my face still hurts from that slap, you know.

Angelus: *snorts* you deserved it.

Vox: still epic though XD

*waits patiently for next cahppir for a few minuets, then flies off to write more*
11/14/2009 c5 UnmercyfulDeath

That was awesome. truly AMAZING!

All my battles that i write sound like mush. but you...you are a better writer than i, thrice and thrice that!


*zooms of to try to draw battle scene* you inspire me so much. if only i could find a way around the dead end mine has gone it DX

this is the best chapter so far, please, keep it up!
11/11/2009 c4 UnmercyfulDeath
*rips at frill* OMFG! The Cliff Hangers! Gah!

XD Caim got Dragon-slapped!

Poor Opal D:! mur, Tinver's gonna have a very very very soar butt. or maybe not, is he doesn't have a brain attached to the rest of his body to register pain XD

anyway, tis gettin realy good! More! *reaches out grabbie beggie hands*
11/7/2009 c3 UnmercyfulDeath
Tis, good, i can't wait to find out if Opal meets Caim and if Angelus wrings Caim's neck XD

your a very good writer, keep it up!
11/1/2009 c2 UnmercyfulDeath
Mur, very cool chappie! and once again i am even more anxious for the next because of the cliff hanger XD

i like the description you gave of their daughter, as i pictured her in my mind i was thinking "Too Cute!, i just want to huggle her!" XD

^ keep it, up, i really like this!
10/30/2009 c1 5Dragonlady80906
WHAT IS THE DOOR FOR? Good story bro, good story.
10/28/2009 c1 8UnmercyfulDeath
XD it seems i had no need to teach you the art of cliff hanging!

Very good, lot of detail, and a nice "hook" that makes me want to scream at the cliffhanger. cant wait for more!

By the way, i'm finishing up the third chappie right now, so it'll be up shortly ^^.

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