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10/4/2012 c3 114words-with-dragons
Aww, this was so incredibly sweet, I loved it!
10/4/2012 c2 words-with-dragons
Ron, stop being delusional! :D Sometimes, I just want to slap him or Hermione then give both of them a big hug before shoving them into each other's arms.
10/4/2012 c1 words-with-dragons
Aww, poor Ron. This was really, really good though, I loved it.
12/2/2010 c4 6Scrivensabre
I love your different perspectives in this fic (sorry for not giving individual reviews for each chapter, just thought I'd put all my thoughts into this one).

The first one was brilliant - especially Ron's plea at the end for her to be okay, it's exactly as I imagined it...

The second one - hahaha :) Trust Ron to go on a self-denial roller-coaster!

The third one - I like how you showed the development and how Ron viewed the brown eyes in a different way each time.

The fourth one - Superb characterisation of Ron (I love Ron! And yes, I completely agree with you on disliking it when people either make him a horrible person or sickeningly sweet. Yes, I read through your entire profile :D and I'm an incurable R/Hr fan too!) and you wrote Hermione's perspective brilliantly.

Please do keep writing, I've enjoyed both your fics :)
7/29/2010 c4 70iMissHP
I loved this one. And the 'paradox' that Hermione can't comprehend. Great job!
7/29/2010 c3 iMissHP
I really like the evolution you described with this one. And the brown eyes subject. I loved it!
7/29/2010 c2 iMissHP
This one is a little confusing because we don't know when it happens, but I like ROn's thoughts. You write him well.
7/29/2010 c1 iMissHP
I love the second POV, it makes it more powerful. Great job!
5/13/2010 c4 22EmeraldFire512
Well, I read it all. Adn I loved it. BEautifully written, with a good scope on all of the emotions. LOVE IT! Especailly the brown eyes chapter 3
5/5/2010 c2 xxNewNamexx
4/20/2010 c4 38loveislouder94
I like how you compared and contrasted the good and bad in his character, and gave us a nice ending. :) Keep updating.
4/19/2010 c4 Xxxxxzzzzz
aw. x
4/18/2010 c3 Do You Even Want To Know
I saw absolutely NO mistakes in this brilliant chapter!

so incredibly sweet!

4/18/2010 c1 Do You Even Want To Know
oh my, that was wonderful...

great job!

2/25/2010 c3 121TMBlue
Very sweet. I love simple little stories like this, especially when so much emotion and angst get added to the mix :) Nice job!
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