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7/13 c127 Maegash1r4
You know what? I think Theresa and Clare really deserve that world journey together after all the pain they went through. That would be nice. The perfect order would be:
- Maddy gets eaten by Arrylis and everybody just shrugs not giving a shit.
- Arrylis gets beaten.
- Miria finds a cure for her girlfriend.
- T C World Tour
Also thanks for that chapter!
7/7 c127 Lesskarr Wolf
interesting chapter but wasn't as good till when teresa and Clare showed up in the end though riful and the others were deff entertaining lol idk whos going to survive till the end of this fic along with Teresa and clare but as far as awakened beings go Priscilla needs to die and i kinda hope isley and riful survive
6/25 c126 SuperMoreno
I found myself on the verge of dropping this for good after all that torture sh*t with Teresa and Miria.
Its Just too hard for me to see my two favorite characters suffering all that and in the end, it seems like they just let it go since that bitch is still physically intact. Like, everyone else was mad but miria and teresa.
Your writing is amazing. I really hope you give maddy a really detailed punishment and a happy ending to everyone else. The fluffy parts are my favorite.
6/16 c126 Maegash1r4
That's awesome news! I'm not finding any cool stuff to read here lately, besides your updates and now you are saying that there is a book in the making and its almost finished.
Also: cool chapter. I still hope this all ends well, but you just introduced a way to end Teresa and a godlike being. Doesn't look so well at all.
5/25 c125 21Dany le fou
Not much to say. I just saw the 999 reviews and wanted to give you the thousandth.
Once again, congratulations and thank you for writing this story.
5/19 c125 Lesskarr Wolf
interesting chapter overall glad to see teresa and clare talking and working things out more heres to hoping they are able to keep to there word about not getting seperated by anything or anyone again
5/2 c124 Maegash1r4
That was fast! That was a chapter of love and hate again. Hate for Maddy is alive and with all limbs intact. Love as in unspoken feelings and such. Thanks for the update.
4/22 c123 Maegash1r4
That chapter was really fine! You did a great on picking this up again where you left. Glad to read something from you with all this crap spilling over globally since your last update. Take all the time you need but of course I can't wait to read the next one.
4/16 c123 nx0160
Yoooo thank you so much for this update!
I can only say I enjoyed every single word.
Stay safe, autor-nim, and thanks again.
4/15 c123 Lesskarr Wolf
i found this fic a few days or so ago and i have been devouring my way through it overall while i have been enjoying it mostly there have been sections of it that i didnt understand why they had to happen the way they did the sections im talking about include 1. the whole indecisive thing between clare and teresa and between raki and audrey that had been going on through largely the early parts of the fanfic and that had seemed to crop up now and then through the rest of it while i know nothing with relationships is easy or simple and nor should it be but at the same time im hoping there will be more clarity atleast on the clare and teresa front going forward im not unopposed to them being together i actually prefer them together then her being with raki lol but nods i guess i just want to see them actually have some time to talk and bring things out more clearly if that all makes sense? my only other issue has been the way teresa has been handeling and saying things as well through the fanfic i know shes always been the type to do things her way and for her reasons i just guess i wish she would be be more open about things which i know is not easy thing to do but still anyways despite these and other small issues i had i have mostly enjoyed this fic and i hope it willl be concluded with things being cleared up more and the couples ( teresa clare raki and audrey plus the other couple) getting some form of a hea together because i believe they have earned it :) in closing i hope what i say makes sense and i look forward to seeing how this ends because while i enjoyed the manga and im okay with how that ended i always wish things had been different and that is also why im glad i found this fic despite the issues i have with it :)
4/14 c123 Dany le fou
Oh my god, I actually pinched myself after seeing an update after, what, about 18 months.
Welcome back and thank you. It's nice to know at least one saga-length fic for this seldom-represented fandom will receive a proper end.
7/10/2021 c21 beta tester beater
eww raki/Clara
7/10/2021 c16 beta tester beater
raki back up
7/10/2021 c15 beta tester beater
Clare: uwu
Teresa: uwuw
The ghost
7/10/2021 c14 beta tester beater
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