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for Love's Reward

11/16/2020 c1 Guest
1/11/2003 c1 3M L Europe
Awwww! I don't usually read poetry, but I decided to check this out, considering that I am also a MAJOR Roxton and Marguerite fan. (Teeheehee) I really liked it. It was short, sweet, and what I'm sure will happen! (Well, in my eyes, I don't know about the writers of the show) Besides, I really can't write poetry (unless I'm majorly made) so I think it's great you could come up with something like this, that's really good, and make it rhyme! (Or however you spell that) Well, must be off! Ta-ta!
3/31/2002 c1 35Jaclyn
LOL! cute.

the funniest thing about it though, for me, was the little note on top - because i can totally relate! that's exactly what happens to me - im always inspired while i'm in the shower and then i run around like a madwoman trying to get the words down before i forget and also before my hair gets too dry to blowdry! lol...
1/27/2002 c1 Dizzylogic
1/18/2002 c1 Nala
Thats cute, very good!*Insa*
1/16/2002 c1 Roxtonette Rissy
VERY WONDERFUL! I love it! It was very good, very wonderful bubbly M and R! Perfection!

1/15/2002 c1 36WalkerTRngr
Very creative! I liked it a lot :-)
1/15/2002 c1 22Maggie4
That was great! Very suited for M/R, loved it!
1/15/2002 c1 1federlein
A very lovely poem TLWRox! I'll add it to my little collection of favorite poems about love if I may. Wonderful work, kat :)
1/15/2002 c1 14chantal1
i love it :D:D:D
1/14/2002 c1 11Meb
Beautiful, TLWROX! I'm always in awe of people who can write poetry. It was so detailed I could see the smirk on Roxton's face and the warmth in Marguerite's eyes. Wonderful job!

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