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9/16 c33 TearsLikeRain
It ended. The first story I found on this site that realty captured my interest by writing as if it wasn't written by a 12 year old and it ended. I am crying real tears.

In a serious note, dozens of kudos to you. I am not a fan of this sight, mainly because I like steamier reads, but you hooked me and kept me hooked. I give all fics on this site a chance but for me to continue to read after about the third or four chapter is rare. This was well written, the characters believeable, and if there were any errors, I don't remember seeing them. Well done.
9/17 c33 The reader of Harry Potter
This is really good!
9/11 c4 2ShabbyBeachNest
Let me start by stating what a pleasure it is to read your story! Not only are your characters extremely well thought out and believable, but your grammar is also impeccable, your prose poetic. It’s such a refreshing change, as such well-polished stories such as your own are very few and far between.

I’m normally a “Severitus” fan myself, and don’t often stray from my favored genre. However, I find myself intrigued by the story you’re weaving. To be honest, I cannot put it down. It is the perfect blend of canon and AUrecognizable as JK’s world while at the same time something completely your own. It’s unique, and I adore it!

Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful gem!
9/6 c33 BoOmErT.63
8/26 c21 Romily
Back for another read, and every time it‘s just as good as last time. Definitely one of my most read and cherished fics (and the only one so far with that pairing i like - i usually don’t read anything slash related, but it is a must read no matter the pairing).
I will be back but might someday run out of chapters to comment on.
8/19 c1 5AzureSkyTower
This is one of my all time favorite stories. I've read it over and over and over again.
8/18 c33 2LoonyBadger
I am so super in love with this story. It's literally one of my favorites now! I hope u post more about it eventually. It's such an interesting concept and I'd love to see how Draco and Harry grow together more and how Draco feels about the new world and everyone processes Harry's dragon side. How things go when Harry goes back to classes, how he does politically. How Remus reacts and the new newspaper. Not to mention their kids! I literally have so many wonders! This is such a well thought out story and I love every aspect of it!
8/13 c33 FiberBard
I really enjoyed this story. I love how you integrated your own elements so smoothly, especially the snippets of language. I rather would like to read more about these Elder Dragons and their world someday.
8/12 c19 Shizuka666
It's the first time I read a drarry fic and got excited jut with the 2 of them holding hands
It's felt like when I watch BL dramas and the main character finally have physical contact/skin ship? (what's the expression?)
7/28 c15 Kage
I can't beleive that I haven't found this gem of a fanfiction before. I love it and I make you personally responisble for my lack of sleep as I can't seem to stop reading and it's 1am here but the story is just soo good! Thank you for sharing.
7/26 c33 Whyyyy
not even one kiss
7/25 c11 What if
How can they have sex if he has voices in his head
7/22 c33 Guest
I loved this story. Is the sequel coming soon?
7/16 c33 Guest
A decade on from when you wrote this I have just discovered it and am incredibly astonished! So we'll written and suspenseful. Characters that are so deep and layered. Thanks so much for writing!
7/16 c33 2vampdreams
Oh wow
This was an absolute treat to read
sometimes these extra-being tropes are taken too far or not handled too well
more than happy to say that that was not the case here
I loved everything about this piece
I had hoped for aa little more drarry in terms of their physical relationship, but that is just me fangirling; I understand absolutely why you had what you did

Honestly...will prolly read this 7 times over before I'm through
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