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8/17/2023 c20 mentally ill RobRae enjoyer
this might be the greatest completed fanfiction i've ever read, and now, this is the part where i'm supposed to tell you why, but i'm at a loss for words at the moment, so all i can really say is: Outstanding job, you are an amazing writer, keep up the good work, and i hope to see more Robrae fanfictions of you.
8/17/2022 c20 Guest
In the words of control freakā€¦ Best. Fanfic. Ever!
8/22/2021 c5 spamari1181
Haley's comet only comes every 75 years, so Robin's thoughts doesn't make sense when he implied it happened before.
3/25/2019 c17 10Etherithical
Wait... Is Myra Robin and Raven's child?
3/25/2019 c16 Etherithical
I hate Slade.
3/25/2019 c15 Etherithical
Aww, poor Starfire. But it had to happen if Robin and Raven were going to be together
3/25/2019 c13 Etherithical
Poor Raven... Poor Myra... Slade was a bad boy today.
3/25/2019 c12 Etherithical
Books... I love books...
3/24/2019 c4 Etherithical
Oooh, I bet Myra is from Azarath!
4/9/2018 c20 Guest
Excellent story. I am so glad you added the final chapter
7/15/2017 c20 AniGirl 7
Awesome story! Seriously loved it! Loved the character development and the way you wrote the action scenes! Kudos!
4/11/2017 c20 1fairyofdreames
T.T this story is absolutely beautiful thank you
11/9/2016 c20 Tempestae Night
This is beautiful!
11/7/2016 c20 1LoverOfSleep
Omg I loved it! This was the best possible ending to this story and I'm crying big fat happy tears and I'm smiling so much my face hurts and I love it!
11/7/2016 c20 6Killie159
Amazing job with your story! I loved it!
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