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4/16/2012 c14 1Chocobo-14
Well, Raven's okay, but it doesn't really look like her relationship with Robin is going to change soon. I hope they can find Myra and make sure she's okay. But what did Slade mean when he said that Myra was going to betray him? Guess I'll find out in the next chapter.
4/12/2012 c14 1watergoddess08
Seriously?...Seriously? Where's chapter 15? You can't just leave everyone hanging! Well...I guess you can since you are the writer. But that's not right! We are all anxiously waiting to see what's gonna happen next then...BAM! Cliffhanger! This story is pretty awesome and it keeps me interested. Can't wait for the next chapter :D
4/12/2012 c14 death-of-virtue
Ok I haven't read fanfiction in YEARS and I've been trying to find some decent ones. I have to tell you...I'm enthralled, interested, and can't stop reading your story. I want to know what's going to happen next. Not to mention all of these questions are driving me crazy. I love the tension and the overall idea of the story. So you can imagine my disappointment when I realized there wasn't a 15th chapter! You HAVE to post soon or I will explode :D
4/7/2012 c14 BeckieePaula98
This story is simply amazing! Please update soon!(:
3/24/2012 c14 born4this
cool chapter! i have to say the whole love thing is kinda confusing in some ways because i feel like raven already had love, like when she saved her friends from trigon and stuff. but anyway besides that i absolutely love this story, its so well written! 3
3/16/2012 c14 ebo579
Poor raven, but they will soon realize what they have for each other! Please update soon, anxious to read more :)
3/15/2012 c14 7Taeniaea
cool chapter
3/11/2012 c11 Raven
Raven: what the heck is love?

Me: yeah, i really dont know what love is.
3/11/2012 c11 Raven


*chokes BB shaking him violently*
3/11/2012 c10 Raven
me: Robin, what did i tell you?

Robin: 0-o umm... not to go into Raven's room acting like a peepin tom. *lowers head in apology*

me: good Robin! you earn a cookie.


me: *slaps Robin* ;) *devilish grin* my cookie.
3/11/2012 c14 5SladeRavenFan
Can't believe I only just discovered this! Slade going after Raven, needing her, love it! And it's not romance between them, so it's Raven and Robin! Love that! Starfire will be angry that Robin loves Raven! Love that too!

I have to be honest though, and I'm not being mean to you, but I don't like Myra. It's because of the way you've written your OC, makes her seem Mary Sueish. On the way she acts, way she looks, how Robin and Raven have a bond with her, like her, how she has no home, no memory, lives with the Titans, knows Slade... Yeah, a little to perfect. Sorry.

Update soon.
3/11/2012 c9 Raven

damn Robin.

1st Starfire then Raven?

you mack the girls up.

im jealous...wait,no.

that made me sound lesbo.

im a girl...

i mack the dudes up.

3/11/2012 c8 Raven powers, slade being a pervert/dad {or something of the sort}, Robin having feelings for Raven? wow.

2 love birds {hint:uh duh, Raven, robin}

damn, this story just keeps on getting better and better and better and-

we get the point.
3/11/2012 c4 Raven

when Robin always tries to help Raven it just seems creepy to me. Sorry if i say that, but it just does.

i mean, like, hes always poppin up every where {almost every where} she goes.

creepy crap.
3/11/2012 c2 Raven
Hi its me again all i want to ask about slade is...

why in the hell cant you die?

:| *akward silence*

no response
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