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2/27/2011 c9 52Gingerstorm101
i almost forgot about this story, i had to read the whole thing again! well, i still like it!

and while reading the last part of this chapter, i've been thinking. maybe slade created myra, and myra is like ravens and robins daughter? but you know, grew faster because of being created?

anyways, that just my thoughts! UPDATE SOON PLZ!
11/6/2010 c8 Uchiha Hinata-6
wow i want to know what happens next it is really good update soon
8/26/2010 c8 5Rosebud in Amber
i love your story update soon

8/6/2010 c8 Wolf
I love ur story. Please upload asap
8/3/2010 c8 6catcherinthelie
you have to update soon please :D
8/2/2010 c8 52Gingerstorm101
omg her powers are gone!

i think myra should be from the futer, but as the daughter of robin and raven, thats how they look so much alike! but like i tell everyone else, your story, you don't have to go with the idea, but thats whar myra looks like to be a cross of robin and raven!

update soon please!
8/2/2010 c8 1PinkNblackRaver
omg u neeeeed to finish it... its soo good and i love it
7/31/2010 c7 1blacklightangel
i hate you for leaving us with a cliffhanger. but i love you for writing an awesome story. so it's sort of a love-hate relationship...? well anyway, update soon or die a painful death because of the hate side!
6/23/2010 c7 24Kailee Nakamaru
Dude...That is a horrible place to disappear. A horrible cliff hanger. PLEASE UPDATE SOON! I beg of thee! T_T
6/22/2010 c7 52Gingerstorm101
can you update please, and at first i thought myra was from the future or arella at first... good job
5/28/2010 c7 wolf
5/17/2010 c7 AnimalGirl
Update soon pleaz.Luv ur story
5/14/2010 c7 redglove
Aweeeee, robin and raven are so cute. Great story, you have to update soon!
5/7/2010 c6 wolf
Love it! keep it up! Please Upload!
5/6/2010 c6 missangelbaby6742003
Hey, this is a very good fic very interesting. Is myra related to Raven? Hey I don't know if you knew but you wanted people to review but you don't allow people not signed up to reveiw lol just thought you should know you might get more reveiws if you disable it. but keep up the good work!
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