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12/3/2009 c7 1SunshineAndDaisies
WOW i really enjoyed that, cant wait to find out what happens next!

oh and Happy Birthday! :D
12/1/2009 c6 Wynather Zumnala
Aw poor Daren please continue this is really good. I wonder where Steve fits in with all this haha.
11/27/2009 c6 2bungelsgalore
please hurry up with the next chapter, i really want to know what happens next! :D
11/26/2009 c6 8Krox1
Wow I really like this plase KEEP WRITING :)
11/24/2009 c6 5SimonSays1292
this story is awesome! It is my favorite crossover that iv' read of Harry Potter and the Saga. I have also written a couple crossover stories of Harry Potter and The Saga. i'd love it if u could read them too! Anyway, keep updating i am really anxious to read more of ur story!
11/21/2009 c6 1Scott Evilton
It's a really good story! I love it. You sure do have talent :D

Keep up the great work ;) I'll be eager;y waiting for your next chapter!


"A smile is contagious, be a carrier!"
11/21/2009 c6 1NightRise
love it!
11/11/2009 c6 Wolf seeker
oh i love this chapter man everyone so harsh on vampires

poor darren cannot wait for the next chapter

very good =)
11/11/2009 c6 Edwin F. Lionheart
hey really good story... im a fan of darren shan and harry potter as well. keep up the good work. ill be writing one too.
11/10/2009 c6 5ViveWonderland
That was intence I was shocked. Soo cool you did fine on your exams don't worry.:) Thank you for publishing this chapter becaue it was a relief and ended my worrys. It is so good.
11/10/2009 c6 6witty kitty01
aw Darren never gets mates- first there was Steve, then there was Debbie, now there's these guys...
11/10/2009 c6 1SunshineAndDaisies
WOW really good, hope they sort everything out!
11/10/2009 c6 2Jack Cassidy


people are always so harsh on vampires.

11/8/2009 c5 5ViveWonderland
Wow, You are good. It totaly suprised me when you didnt have English as your native toungh you are doing really well.
11/5/2009 c1 10Haneru
LOL so funny with Vancha and his smelly arse LOL
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