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11/5/2009 c5 1SunshineAndDaisies
that was really good! cant wait for more!
11/4/2009 c5 Wolf seeker
i like how darren gets so upset he needs to watch his mouth

darren got malfoy

harry, ron and hermione are going to follow him i like to see where this goes

cannot wait for the next chapter

very good =)
11/4/2009 c4 Wolf seeker
wow i like this one

darren can work with spiders

oh and i love the vampire in the sky

very good =)
11/4/2009 c5 2Jack Cassidy
I am V. shocked that English isn't your native lang.!

I think it's really good!
11/4/2009 c5 6witty kitty01
YAY! INVISIBLE STUFF! god, Darrens a dumb-ass half-vampire-prince sort of type guy (try saying THAT when your drunk!)i can't wait to find out who the mysterious person is... bet it's that girl...anyways, Darren should be more careful!

write/rock on!(no, really, do. i'm having stressful days, and this stuff is gold)
11/4/2009 c5 30moonlightbear
it's good, sometimes a little childish, but good... i'll read more! update soon
11/2/2009 c4 2Jack Cassidy

The 4th chapter was the best because of the spiders!

Do you know if there are wolves in the Forbidden Forest?

I would be funny if they were out with Hagrid and the wolves came and surrounded them, then came bounding up to Darren!

I would laugh SO hard!
11/2/2009 c4 6witty kitty01

love all the lessons and stuff, i forgot about Ron's phobia and Darrens obsession! how about didvanation next? or Ron get's pissed with Darren? or Darren get's into a duel with Draco? there's so many possabilities (sorry about the spelling!)! overall, just fliping amzing! update ASAP!

p.s. just realised the pun of 'spelling'! :D
11/1/2009 c3 witty kitty01
AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME AS FISH PIE! (which i belive to be very awsome)intresting time to put the story in... most would go for book 2. i highly doubt Mc Gonagol would refer to first years as 'kids' :)

woh to the ending... UPDATE SOON! pwease?
11/1/2009 c3 Wolf seeker
this is very good

i like how darren gets annoyed with the hat

who knows he is a vampire and who is master?

cannot wait for the next chaper

very good =)
11/1/2009 c3 9Ariana-807
Hey, this was quite intresting. I really love the Darren Shan Harry Potter crossovers, and this seems like one of the better one :D Guess class is going to be intresting, can't wait to see Darren use magic :D
10/31/2009 c2 6The-Saddest-Of-Them-All
This is really good! Please update soon! I want to know what happens!
10/30/2009 c2 Wolf seeker
i like the story so far

i like vancha too

hope to see the next chapter soon

very good for a first ever fic

very good =)
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