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11/25/2015 c15 kagomeaviles25
I want to know if this story continues on this chapter or story if it is than this story is enjoyable to read
9/29/2013 c15 26jeanette9a
please keep it. just for the reader's sake.
9/29/2013 c15 Justice
Update dame you
6/28/2013 c15 Jostanos
Harte-Lore. I have read all 14 chapters, and except for the 'repeat' chapter (Chapter 9 was a repeat of Chapter 7. I saw no difference between them.)...


This is THE FIRST Harry Potter Bey Blade crossover that I have EVER Read and reviewed.

Good luck with College, and please continue when you may.
6/28/2013 c9 Jostanos
*coughs* REPEAT of Chapter 7 *coughs*
5/3/2013 c15 Silvermane1
5/3/2013 c15 1junkyard1992
aww! come on! I loved it!
5/2/2013 c3 31monbade
Harte? ok, not intrested now
5/2/2013 c15 11NotBatman52
i didn't think it was that bad...
4/17/2013 c10 Guest
I saw the chapter title and thought I MUST READ THIS
4/16/2013 c14 NotBatman52
two years?
3/9/2013 c13 2loveuseth
This story is amazing!
3/1/2013 c8 DeathEaterGal
Chapter 9 is a repeat of an earlier chapter why? The next chapter doesn't make seance now :(
12/10/2012 c9 junsui-nozomi
this is the same as chapter 7. Will you be fixing them?
10/6/2012 c14 1PyruxDeltax
Whens the next update?
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