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for Love in Blood, Betrayal in Lust

4/16/2013 c36 Liv livxxxx
Love the story! I love Senri too! He's the hottest
11/2/2012 c36 darkangel
Just give us a happy ending!
10/10/2012 c36 Lysia
i waited until i read every chapter that is out to review because i was to much into the story to review lol this is such an amazing story i love it so much you should keep on writing it like everyday lol youra really good writer and i love shiki and rima so this is like heaven for me LOL
8/26/2012 c36 2Alliana-Darkwing
Shiki's uncle is a...a..., there even are not words for descriptive him! Poor Shiki and Rima... Whatever, update as soon as possible (sorry for my very bad language, I'm french...)
8/1/2012 c35 marginalism
YEAAAAAAAAAAAH ! Finally the chapter is out ! Thank youuuuu ! I was waiting for it since... an eternity ! It was awesome 3 3 3
7/31/2012 c35 Xx4tuneCookieXx
Aww this was so good. THIS ISNT OVER YET IS IT. PLEASE TELL ME IT ISN'T. I'm happy Rokuro found his happiness again, even though Rima made a big change in his life. And that Rima and Shiki are together again :D gahh I love this story :'D WELL DONE. WELL DONE.
6/9/2012 c34 PRiNCESS SLAYER o1o
please update soon :)


3/11/2012 c8 21Amakatsu
It makes me sad to see rima like this.
3/3/2012 c5 Amakatsu
Is the meeting between rima and shiki real or made up?

other wise great chapter can't wait to read about the dance.
3/3/2012 c4 Amakatsu
That was a well written chapter but the descriptions need some work.

I loved it.
3/3/2012 c2 Amakatsu
This chapter was very well done
1/31/2012 c34 2hellopanda23
wahhh long time... no review? sorry... ha ha ha i sort of left the fandom..but i got back into reading your story since you are really the only one i know who updates! its been so long..but the fight and the love those two vampires share...just amazing. ahh i really thought zero turned evil in that one chapter but turns out it was part of the plan ha ha ha
1/12/2012 c33 4georgisakura
OMG this chaptert was sooooooo good but i feel so sorry for SHiki, does Rima love Rokoro as well:(
1/5/2012 c33 jxngin
I like this story keep updating please
1/3/2012 c33 Kyla InuMaru
I don't know when the last chapter was added as I just found this story a few hours ago but I just have to say that this is one of the best stories I have ever read and I really really really hope that you add another chapter soon. This story has been too good so far for it to end like that. Thank you forsuch a wonderful read. =D
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