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for Just Another Day for John & Lexi, Part 1

4/28/2012 c41 30YearsofMisery
Awesome story I love how you spiced it up, excellent job!
4/28/2012 c40 30YearsofMisery
Smart move for Lexi
4/28/2012 c39 30YearsofMisery
Aw Carson's gone :( Awesome chapter
4/26/2012 c38 30YearsofMisery
Ancients are crazy
4/26/2012 c37 30YearsofMisery
Poor John he always gets hurt or sick, and looks like lex may have caught it too
4/25/2012 c36 30YearsofMisery
Excellent job
4/25/2012 c35 30YearsofMisery
I loved the flashbacks of johns youth, it gives an inside view of how he became who he is today
4/25/2012 c34 30YearsofMisery
Yummy hamburgers :'D
4/25/2012 c33 30YearsofMisery
Double awesome, I loved it
4/25/2012 c32 30YearsofMisery
Good job another awesome chapter
4/25/2012 c31 30YearsofMisery
So he was upset because he thought he could loose her
4/25/2012 c30 30YearsofMisery
The toys I guess are cars?
4/25/2012 c29 30YearsofMisery
Yay John and lexie are back together forever and ever hopefully lol
4/25/2012 c28 30YearsofMisery
Awesome presents
4/24/2012 c27 30YearsofMisery
They broke up over dream that isn't really real, this is sad
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