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for Harry Potter and the Champion's Champion

23h c9 Kazuki King
Again, reading this Luna-tude cost me my innocence.
2/22 c8 Nimbus2023
While reading the scene in the gardens, I was saying to myself, "Go with her Harry! Go with Fleur and give Hermione the boot."
2/22 c7 Nimbus2023
The comedy part of this story is very well done but I really wish that Harry had a different love interest and that he wasn't such a sap. Personally, I feel that Luna would make a better pairing for a comedy story, her quirky personality lends itself well to all sorts of wacky shenanigans.
2/10 c9 Re Lovely Lover
The last paragraph is so disturbingly accurate.
2/10 c7 Re Lovely Lover
Sold me on the whole nightmare thing. I couldn't fathom that relationship choice either.

Reminds me of one amazing story though that I wish I could remember. It was one where Canon happens and the two go back in time and fix everything. Turns out they were portioned and the author went into amazing detail on the children's name choices. Much like Hermiones name her children were named in relation to poems or stories and it talked of her even then resisting them and naming her children to stories that were blatantly linked to her love for him.

It was truly beautifully and amazingly done.
2/10 c6 Re Lovely Lover
Well done. Gotta say that. I know this is something like a crack fic not meant to be taken seriously but it really makes it stand out to me how things bug me more now that I'm older.

The reflecting spells bouncing off eachother with Harry and Draco that shouldn't be a thing. The spell bouncing off the dragon like light on a mirror that shouldn't be a thing. That Draco somehow fell into the arena which shouldn't be remotely possible since it would be outside of it.

The gas that should appear in the common room somehow filling the massive room and making it into Snapes closed up potions lab. Especially so when only random times it's supposed to end up in that room.

Fleur not having a tight reign on her allure less so when nervous. Yet not only was Ron not affected he even spanked her. Though this version seems brain damaged so that might be the reason..

All these things practically glaring at me from the screen. I know if it wasn't clearly supposed to be avery silly story it would bother the crap out of me.

Only thing sticking with me is Draco getting stunned falling in like that was a bit too much and too forced. Literally not making sense. Followed by a feeling a bit bad for Millicient. If she even exists in the story she's basically treated directly or indirectly like some hideous troll. Reading so many stories im at the point where I'm starting to feel bad for her. Unlike Draco I can't recall her even really doing anything to be hated for. Unless you count holding Hermione in a headlock once.
2/9 c4 Re Lovely Lover
I can't find the words. Love the relationship, amused I find this as funny as I do.
2/9 c2 Re Lovely Lover
Wow. What a setup. Thats.. wow. Safe to say they won't be friends again. Assuming he even survives.
2/9 c1 Re Lovely Lover
Like the attempt but that rule doesn't make any sense to me. Went and said there's a rule to have a fill in if unable to compete. Then there's that very forced rule thats found that says the same thing but can only be done before the first task.

Why the new specific rule for before the task?
2/9 c16 Beth1112
I really enjoyed your story.
2/9 c1 FrostyBehemoth
Gold! Absolute Gold.
2/7 c16 5mnementh2000
I haven't laughed this hard in a LONG time! The running gag (emphasis on the gagging!) was great and provided so much potential. I could also see a scene of someone entering the Room of Requirement during one of their more... adventuresome, forays, and finding a veritable sex shop of things (would have made a great omake, especially if it happened to be Ron while still under the effects of the contract; I could see the resulting...flatulent explosion being the stuff of legend, er, nightmares... I meant nightmares).
2/5 c10 Abyssalwhale
I do love the senile crazy Dumbledores over the caniving manipulative ones.

Setting up Draco with Umbridge!?...that's just evil that is. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
2/5 c6 Abyssalwhale
1/30 c16 diamondnightskies
Oh my gosh, Voldemort murdering for fast food and Quidditch is too friggin much! This was a very amusing alternate ending!
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