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for Code Tekka: The Geass Knight

11/29/2020 c44 3NeroAlmia
Patience... Huh, I think that almost ten years from the last update is being patient enough.
10/23/2020 c44 2Archangel Igneel
Hmm, the net chapter of this story, if you choose to continue it, sounds to be most...Interesting. I do wonder how the power of Charlies little memory Geass will interact with the incomplete Radam programming thats in Zero's head.
5/24/2020 c39 1EVA-Saiyajin
Honestly this story would be far better if you’d followed your own path as you did in the beginning instead of it being “canon, with Zero's different decisions”

Youre literally copy-pasting stuff. Like at the end of Tohdoh's conversation when Rakshata responded, you didn’t even mentioned Urabe. I can only assume you forgot he existed between his one comment and that. But the beginning was good, it was original and fun and had good atmosphere, then it became a rehash up to and including moments that make no sense.
5/24/2020 c25 6Primus2021
I had another odd thought, what if ghost Taizo met Ghost Nappa! lol.
5/24/2020 c23 Primus2021
You know, in my head Charles is an extremely heathy and we'll put together 70 year old man.

Odysseus "The Mediocre Prince" is a 50 year old man who is a bit touched in the head due to that fact that his father is also his uncle and his mom is also his Aunt, the same could be said for his grandparents.

Tianze is a nieve 10 year old little girl who is being screwed over by her father's killers.

So yeah, this marriage arrangement was rather sickening to me.
5/24/2020 c22 Primus2021
I had an odd thought ... ... ... So what if Miyuki and her baby were also among the one million Zero's, and then later on Zero meets them in say the mess hall, there Zero joins them for like lunch and Miyuki offers her baby to him, so all of the Black Knights and everyone else are treated to the sight of "Daddy Zero" lol, just imagine the rumors that would pop up, lol.
5/7/2020 c44 Guest
Dad this isn’t being updated I liked it
2/27/2020 c6 67F-14 Tomcat Lover
Yo Kyugan, just a reminder, FFN has a buggy PM system right now, so you'll have to physically check your PM Inbox to see if you get any messages. I suggest at least twice to three times a week, but as close to daily as you can get if you are actively trading messages.
2/7/2020 c44 10Time Hollow
Even After all these years this is still one of the Best story's on this site I truly hope you come back to it one day.
11/6/2019 c25 deletedbyadmin
That's not how hymens work ~
6/28/2019 c44 1chrizzyran
as you said we've been patient... for 8 yrs... so pls come back!
6/28/2019 c33 chrizzyran
I know its for plot... but... can we just stop with killing with the harem members? .. my gawd...

tho i'll still continue reading... and for that u have the duty to finish this fic...
6/28/2019 c32 chrizzyran
FCK YASS! ... Gawd i loved it! ..
6/28/2019 c31 chrizzyran
YESSS! OMG! ... I must admit I like this! MillyxZERO! ..

tho I am officially on C.C x Lulu's ship.. but this isnt bad at all!..

I love my Milly moments.~
4/7/2019 c1 Caincrux
Nunnally is gone(dead)? Well there is no point in saving anyone.
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