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3/28/2017 c1 6mordor the mighty
im no expert but that was a cute story very cute always great for me to read ranma and akane get some time alone as much as its fun and frolics mostly with the other well written.
2/24/2016 c1 19Smiling Seshat
Some paragraphs are a little too long and should be separated into several small ones, but otherwise the story is nice.
12/20/2015 c1 Guest
What a load of FUCKING SHIT
3/3/2013 c1 1panman2k
Cute fic, one shots always seem rushed to me.. but as you did well on not rushing into a marriage fic with a one shot.. ;)

write more sometime :)
8/13/2011 c1 67InuyashasGrl26
Now that was a cute story you wrote. That was really sweet and cool.
3/30/2011 c1 1boredcat016
Ohhhhhhh! I love it! I watched Ranma 1/2 but it didn't have the messed up wedding... And I agot a virus from the manga web cite... So yay for this story!
8/28/2010 c1 SuperSonicHero10
A Wonderful Story! Thank You for Making it and Good Job! :)
7/9/2010 c1 8nikkidanielle14
1/8/2010 c1 7FrictionX42
Very cute. I can see where you were going with this and it was a beautiful story.

If I may offer a small suggestion: Run the story past someone who can double check to make sure it makes sense. There were a few spots in the story where I had to reread a few times to try and understand what you were getting at. There are quite a few Beta Readers for Ranma stories, use a few of them to get suggestions. I always run my stories past a friend or two to ensure that it makes as much sense on paper as it did in my head. Often I'm told that I was so excited to get the idea down on paper that I'd left out important parts which hurt my story in significant ways.

I should like very much to know if you are planning to do any further chapters. You show creativity, and when you combine that with logical story progression you will make some beautiful stories.
12/8/2009 c1 Shadowalker666
Somewhat OC but still quite nice and cute

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