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2/26/2013 c20 HeyBatGurl
FINALLY! Gah! I love it and I love Rachel and Conner together even more! Update like all the time! xx
9/26/2012 c1 Guest
8/6/2012 c19 Jessie
Please write some more! this is my favorite fanfic!
11/21/2011 c19 XFAN96
well pleased to see update :)

cant wait to see more!
3/26/2011 c1 Miss-Unique83
The Chapter is was excellent, great start I'm loving it already!
10/14/2010 c4 53Sonar
Connor playing dumb there in that part where they find out was funny and then he finds out they know of his alias. I actually liked that chapter.
10/14/2010 c1 Sonar
Nicely done.
9/28/2010 c14 XFAN96
cant wait to see who mastermind is... plz update!
5/21/2010 c10 5Christy - Flare
Oh, COME ON! He's gotta survive, he's just gotta! I mean, really, we still need a little more explanation to who and what he and his father are.
1/13/2010 c1 79Midwich Cuckoo
I always appreciated stories the action of which took part just in the school for mutants and the topic of which was the young mutants' adventures in there :)
11/27/2009 c5 5Christy - Flare
uh, since when are the Cuckoos and Emma telekinetic? Also, Rachel could have either got the book she wanted telekinetically or flown down from the ladder.
11/19/2009 c4 1ItsNotSymmetrical
So the professor was shielding him? That makes much more sense now. So yeah, it's a pretty good chapter. A little more realistic. I like it.
11/14/2009 c3 Presbydos
Not bad... looking forward for this update soon. keep up with the consistency. Just one comment. The chapters seem short, thats all. hoping to hear from you more.
11/11/2009 c3 ItsNotSymmetrical
Not bad, but wouldn't it be a little hard to keep a secret like that with so many telepaths?
11/11/2009 c3 5Christy - Flare
So Connor can keep a secret while sitting in front of THREE telepaths, one of which has no qualms about randomly reading minds(Emma)? does he even know they are telepaths? what about the professor? does he know and is just keeping the secret as well? or does connor have two personalities (which would still be detectable by the telepaths)? and is it a powered suit, or is he lying about having no powers of his own? Interesting story, though.
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